Rachel Perlstein

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach

Rachel is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified professional coach, an ACC accredited through International Coach Federation, and former Matchmaker. Similar to an executive coach, career coach, or personal trainer, Rachel partners with clients to optimize success by looking within.

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Well-Rounded Coaching

Rachel’s coaching style is Midwest meets West meets East. Born and raised in Chicago, Rachel spent 10 years in San Francisco before moving to New York. Rachel was a Matchmaker for Three Day Rule before transitioning to a full-time coach. Working with clients nationwide - as both a Matchmaker and a coach - Rachel has seen that dating and relationship challenges are more universal than we think.

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Publications, Podcasts, and More

Rachel's advice has been featured in publications including ​Bustle​, ​Psychology Today, Swipelife​, ​and Rewire​.

"Each person I meet has everything going for them...

They are successful professionally, socially, and often their life is where they’d like it to be outside of dating.Dating has often become something that feels different than the other areas of their life. Whether it’s because of negative experiences, past or deep rooted relational trauma, dating fatigue, lack of certainty about how to navigate the ever changing dating landscape, they feel stuck."

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Honor and Highlight Your Intrinsic Strengths

Develop goals, create systems of accountability and address the obstacles that get in the way of success. Rachel meet clients where they are, without judgment, and is always authentically present throughout this highly collaborative process. Coaching is never about something being “wrong” with a person, instead, Rachel embraces who they are, and focuses on addressing thought and behavior habits.

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