September 16, 2015, 6:30pm

Cyber-Flirt Secrets with Lauren Frances

What: A Seminar for Women to Capitalize on Dating Apps and Online Dating

Ladies, do you ever feel that when it comes to meeting a great guy online or on dating apps like Hinge and Tinder, you’re at a total dating disadvantage?

You might feel like you’re shooting in the dark because there’s so much competition from thousands of other women who may be younger or prettier, and are all going for the same few, attractive “normal” guys. Or you may feel like you’re too hot to be online in the first place, and are getting swamped by too much icky male attention and don’t know how to protect yourself from “Man Spam”?

We get it.

Without some real online flirt strategies, it can feel totally overwhelming to most women, not enjoyable, and even hopeless.

But here's a flirt fact: Online dating is like a massive “man catalog in the sky” and is a very credible way to find true love…no matter how overwhelming, (or underwhelming!) it might seem at first. 1 out of 4 couples are now meeting online! That’s why every single woman who’s ready for love should learn the secrets to becoming a cyberflirt success. So what’s been holding you back from dating online and finding your husband/lover/or plaything?

- Are the men you’re interested in repeatedly flaking out on you?

- You’re not meeting any QUALITY men through your online profile?

- You’re tired of guys not showing up “as advertised” and wasting time on men who turn out to be losers, jerks or liars?

- Do first dates feel like job interviews (for a job you wouldn’t want anyway)?

If any of these ring true, you need to get up to date on Cyber Flirting! You CAN meet your dream man online. But without having the real secrets to being in control of the experience, you could potentially wind up more overwhelmed and disappointed that you were before you started!

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