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Abbey Wilson

New Member Strategist

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Straightforward and perceptive, Abbey will help you to discover new things you never knew about yourself. Her compassionate yet curious nature leaves no stone unturned.

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Relationship & Dating Expert

Abbey is outgoing and well-rounded so it's rare for her to come across someone she can’t relate to. She’s a curious person with diverse interests and unique background (she’s been to almost every continent!), and her desire to learn extends to her conversations with everyone she meets.

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Your Personal Wingwoman

Abbey’s curiosity, combined with contagious confidence, empowers singles to look inward for what they truly want, and go after it in a proactive way. One conversation with Abbey will leave you motivated to turn your love life on its head.

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I met the love of my life through Three Day Rule!

Allie, Married

Trust your Matchmaker. These are the experts, they are born to do this... I did and I ended up meeting the love of my life.

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Allie, Married

The women I met were lovely, successful, and refined! My last match Christine is beyond a dream come true, because I never would have dared to dream of a woman like her... And I never would have met her if it wasn’t for Three Day Rule!

Chris, 54

Thanks Three Day Rule, I’ve met a man who has swept me off my feet. She listened to what I was looking for in a man when I didn't know Chris even existed. I am so grateful Three Day Rule came into my life - they truly know what they are doing!

Christine, 31

I can’t recommend Three Day Rule highly enough for anyone who’s serious about meeting someone special. The service I got was, honestly, helpful well beyond just introducing me to the most wonderful man who I married!

Kat, 26

I am beyond impressed with the professionalism and quality of Three Day Rule. Not only did the man I meet through Three Day Rule impress me with the quality of the personnel that Three Day Rule interacts with, but Three Day Rule helped me to find my soulmate.

Daia, 33

Three Day Rule was incredible to work with. They were proactive, patient, and had my best interests in mind at all times. Best of all, they set me up with an amazing woman whom I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I am really excited about our future together!

Thomas, 39

My favorite part about Three Day Rule is the openness of its members. Also, the people I've been matched with are intelligent, motivated and professional; exactly the types of people and qualities I would look for on my own.

Edward, 37
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