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Caitlin Cooper

Nationwide VIP Matchmaker

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As a licensed holistic health practitioner, certified relationship and couple coach, and a trained meditation teacher, Caitlin has helped people reach their highest potential on emotional and physical levels. She believes love is an integral part of our health.

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Holistic Coach

Caitlin spent the beginning part of her career training and coaching athletes, military personnel, and people new to working out to help them achieve their health goals. She continued her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and built a thriving health coaching business, teaching people how to live, look, and love from a holistic health perspective.

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Relationship Expert

Caitlin talking about dating in a digital world

Caitlin has been featured on a variety of platforms and in many press outlets and Three Day Rule is honored to have her expertise on the team.

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Caitlin talking about dating in a digital world

At Three Day Rule, Caitlin Creates Lasting Impact

Caitlin’s straightforward approach guides the modern dater through the shifts in online dating, the differences between needs and expectations, and teaching her clients how to love themselves and others with intention and clarity.

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Marisa, 33

Caitlin's Featured Press

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Testimonials For Caitlin

Sariah, 43

I've been working with Caitlin for some time and have always been deeply impressed by her amazing way of being empathetic with other people's situations and full of positive energy.

Jen, 27

Caitlin not only shows great care, diligence, professionalism, and ingenuity in making arrangements for me, but her follow-ups showed a serious commitment to her job and to her client. I have been lucky having been able to work with her.

Wayne, 48

Caitlin had my best interests in mind at all times and I met several fantastic women I would never have met on my own. I am truly grateful to have met and worked with Caitlin.

Ryan, 45
Daci, 38
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