Caitlin Hammond


Caitlin is a very outgoing, driven and supportive Matchmaker. She challenges both herself and her clients throughout the process to be the very best. She is incredibly supportive and thoughtful - her extremely empathetic nature helps her to help her clients reach their dating goals.

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Lora, 45

A Matchmaking Expert

Caitlin has worked with people from all walks of life and values the beauty and strengths of each person. She knows communication is a cornerstone to any relationship whether building it with her clients or reminding them it's essential for their growing relationships.

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Jane, 33

Your Personal Wingwoman

A true connector at heart, Caitlin is an incredible Wingwoman. She is on her clients side through their search, advocating for them and celebrating the wins or supporting any lows through their dating journey.

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Ron, 47
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The women I met were lovely, successful, and refined! My last match Christine is beyond a dream come true, because I never would have dared to dream of a woman like her... And I never would have met her if it wasn’t for Three Day Rule!

Chris, 54

Thanks to Three Day Rule, I’ve met a man who has swept me off my feet. She listened to what I was looking for in a man when I didn't know Chris even existed. I am so grateful Three Day Rule came into my life - they truly know what they are doing!

Christine, 31

I am beyond impressed with the professionalism and quality of Three Day Rule. Not only did the man I meet through Three Day Rule impress me with the quality of the personnel that Three Day Rule interacts with, but Three Day Rule helped me to find my soulmate.

Daia, 33
Laura , 30
Carly, 36
Suma, 36
Sarah, 30