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Michal's matchmaking style is a combination of supportive best friend and ultimate hustler. For Michal, matchmaking is a little intuition and a lot of dedication. She helps her clients put balance and intention into their love lives while doing everything possible to facilitate meaningful connections.

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I truly didn't know I could really be THIS happy.

Michal, and Three Day Rule, set me up with my husband. He was my first match, and I didn't want to meet anyone after him. Take a leap and delve into the notion of a personal Matchmaker - it's so so so so worth it.

Stefanie, 37
Stef & Adam, Married

Michal Always Advocates For You

With a graduate degree in Human Sexuality, Michal has unique insight into what makes a strong, lasting relationship. As your Matchmaker, she will combine her expertise, drive, and can-do attitude to find you the one. Michal will stop at nothing to introduce you to great matches and is a firm believer that "where there’s a will, there’s a way."

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She is everything I could ask for and more. I don't know how Michal did it.

I've finally found the love of my life. She was my first match and by the fourth date, I knew Michal had found someone amazing. Michal is EXTREMELY passionate about her job, works hard for her clients, and it shows.

Jerry, 31
Alix & Jerry, In A Relationship
Ami, 34

I needed someone truly spectacular. Enter Three Day Rule and Michal...

I worked with Michal in Philadelphia and had a fantastic experience. All it took was one match for me to get everything I could ever ask for and more. Really grateful to Michal and her Three Day Rule team in Philly!

Art, 36
Ami & Art, Engaged
Natalie, 45

Michal Is The Matchmaker You Need

Working with Michal means taking the leap to find that connection you've always wanted.

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Michal's Featured In

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Michal's work as a Matchmaker in Philadelphia is a great view into the day-to-day and highlights how much Michal truly loves her what she does.

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Her job is more than just getting people dates. Along the way, she wants them to learn more about themselves and how that reflects what they are looking for in a partner. Read More
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Ed, 38

I'm so glad I made the decision to hire Michal and Three Day Rule!

I am now married to my match and Michal has supported me every step of the way. I am excited for the future and so glad I made the decision to hire Michal!

Tamara, 34
Tamara & Matt, Married
Jill, 47

I feel like Michal fought for me to have the life I've always wanted with someone who genuinely loves me.

Using a Matchmaker turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. After a few dates, Michal introduced me to my fiancé and we're currently planning our wedding.

Sophie, 43
Jared, 35

I categorically recommend working with Michal. She is perceptive, understanding, incisive, and genuine. If you are looking for someone who is both talented and skilled at matchmaking, look no further.

Alan, 51

I have had a great experience working with Michal and Three Day Rule. As a young professional with a busy schedule who was sick of the online dating scene, Three Day Rule seemed worth a try. Once I started working with Michal I knew I made the right decision.

Brooks, 29

Michal listened intently to my feedback and challenged me or comforted me, depending on the situation. It is like having a best friend whose only concern in life is to find you love. If you are on the fence, I hope you take the plunge!

Aleena, 30

My idea of what was truly important to me in a partner had crystallized into something slightly different and more defined...I'm not sure I would have gotten there without Michal's help. I'm thankful that she made dating feel fun and safe again.

Rachel, 35

Michal has offered meaningful guidance on ways to approach the dating process which have increased my comfort level and enjoyment dramatically. I am thrilled to have partnered with Michal and Three Day Rule on this journey.

Jonas, 50

Michal was amazing. She clearly listened to me, because I was enthusiastic about all of my matches. She offered a lot of good advice and suggestions that made me approach dating in a much more thoughtful manner. Working with her was great.

Hank, 50
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