About Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule is a tech-enabled personalized matchmaking company headquartered in Los Angeles. We have matchmakers in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. We are the exclusive provider of white glove, personalized matchmaking services to Match and are backed by IAC.

Our team of world-class matchmakers and dating experts combine technology with intuition to vet potential matches for our clients. We help singles outsource their love lives and make dating easier for them. Our matchmakers are known for their compassion, trustworthiness, and genuine desire to help their clients find meaningful, committed relationships. Most of our matchmakers have had successful corporate careers before transitioning to matchmaking and come from Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, and NBCUniversal. They were educated at schools like Harvard Business School, UCLA, Brown, and NYU.

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Meet the Matchmakers

Our world-class matchmakers provide clients with personalized attention, hand-selected matches, and valuable date coaching. TDR's matchmakers combine proven matchmaking techniques with cutting-edge, facial recognition technology to ensure we introduce you to your ideal match.

We have matchmakers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Natalie Smith

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Meet Natalie. After finishing her Masters in International Business, Natalie spent time traveling the world to build out her global network. She spent time in Panama, and then Argentina, where she worked at the US Embassy. After returning home, she held a position in Strategic Partnerships at a renowned tech firm. She quickly realized that the highlight of her professional life was connecting different individuals in her network with one another. Her impressive connections and relationships with individuals in prestigious industries made her the 'go-to-girl' among her single friends. Her realistic, professional and direct approach has made her one of Three Day Rule's most sought after Matchmakers. Her clients love her because she has incredible work ethic, and they can be confident in the fact that she is always working for them. When she isn't matchmaking, you can find Natalie surfing, crafting a new salsa recipe, or volunteering at her local nonprofit chapter.

Erika Kaplan

Senior Matchmaker, New York & Philadelphia

After graduating from Penn State University, Erika began her career in publishing working for Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal magazines. After several years in the industry, Erika left corporate America behind and joined TDR to feed her passion of connecting quality people with each other. In her time at TDR, Erika has become a huge asset, resource and friend to her clients, working with each in a very personalized way and tailoring to individual needs and experiences. Her clients have said that her intuition, warm nature and transparent way of working enables them great success and personal growth.

Carla Swiryn

Senior Matchmaker, San Francisco

One of the company’s first Matchmakers, Carla is passionate about making the dating process easier for busy professionals in high-powered Silicon Valley. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Advertising, she became an online marketing expert, working for seven years at Google AdWords before running her own online advertising agency. She then shifted from promoting products and services to promoting people, joining Three Day Rule in 2013 and helping with the local launch. A SF Bay Area native, she leverages her wide social and professional network to benefit her clients. With a unique understanding of the science behind relationships, Carla's success as a Matchmaker has been the result of her analytical approach to dating. Carla is the master at helping her clients to identify and highlight their strengths. Her strong intiuition makes her one of Three Day Rule's most successful matchmakers. To her, there is no work more fun and satisfying.

Clancy Cauble

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

With a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Anthropology, Clancy has always had a penchant for learning about and understanding people. Her warm nature, coupled with her uncanny ability to read people, makes her a very successful matchmaker. She puts everyone at ease right away. Clancy's positive energy is palpable and her clients love being around her. She is always ready with great dating advice, whether it be 'what to wear on a first date,' or 'the perfect ice-breaker in a crowded bar.' Born in Los Angeles, Clancy has a strong understanding of Angelenos and has a large network of quality singles in and around the city. She is a master networker, and makes it a point to meet new singles wherever she goes. In fact, she often travels alone, so that she can meet as many new people as possible. Clancy is someone who simply can't go to sleep at night if she hasn't found her client the perfect match. You will be in good hands, working with Clancy.

Jaime Bernstein

Senior Matchmaker, DC

After meeting the love of her life in DC, Jaime decided she wanted to help other eligible singles in the city meet their match. Jaime completed her MA in Communications from University of Akron. Shortly after, she moved to DC where she started a career in the nonprofit sector. Her experience gave her the opportunity to work with individuals from all over the world. Eager to combine her penchant for helping others and her ability to relate to people from all walks of life, Jaime turned to matchmaking as a full-time career. Her honest, but sincere approach to matchmaking makes her both a great matchmaker, as well as a trusted confidant.

Brianna Peirce

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Brianna began her career as a recruiter for technology executives in Silicon Valley, demonstrating her ability to connect people and build a strong network. After recruiting for some of the biggest companies in the world, Brianna realized that she truly loved the reward of connecting people on a more personal basis, joining Three Day Rule as an LA matchmaker. Brianna is warm-hearted and sincere, and maintains unparalleled dedication to her craft. She truly listens to her clients, and has an amazing ability to help them develop an understanding of what exactly they are looking for in a partner. Brianna lets nothing slip through the cracks.

Marisa Reisel

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Marisa is a native angeleno at heart. As an art history major at Princeton University, Marisa chose to study art as a result of her curiosity and desire to learn about human beings and relationships through an artistic lens. Motivated by a yearning to utilize her skills as a natural connector, Marisa obtained a job in recruitment working for various renowned corporations in Los Angeles. In this role, Marisa was able to further develop her intuition and ability to read and understand people. As the former secretary and current board member of the Princeton Club of California and contributer at ArtzRay, Marisa is well connected to many of the most desirable professional singles in Los Angeles. Marisa's inherent ease in engaging with all people and her extensive foundation of professional and personal connections in the city, make her an exceptional TDR matchmaker.

Callie Harris

Senior Matchmaker, DC

Callie has always had a passion for meeting new people. During college, she lived in Bejiing, while working for a start-up and studying Mandarin. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she accepted an offer to work at a technology start-up as their publicist. Callie’s robust network of tech professionals and political influencers in DC combined with her innate ability to connect people make her the perfect DC Matchmaker.

Laura Hertz

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Laura holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and is currently finishing her Master’s degree with an emphasis in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. After dedicating several years to serving our country with AmeriCorps NCCC, Laura served as an Audit Senior at Deloitte. After successfully managing relationships with her key accounts, Laura realized that her greatest strength lies in connecting people together. Having lived in New York, Hong Kong, South Africa, and now Los Angeles, her unique experiences interacting with diverse groups of people provide her with an uncanny ability to tune into the needs of those she comes into contact with. Laura's genuine desire to help her clients find their perfect match makes her a trusted matchmaker.

Trish Encina

Matchmaker, Boston

During her 10 years in corporate careers spanning from pharmaceuticals to wealth management, Trish spent most of her "free time" networking and playing Love Doctor to her friends and co-workers. Known as a straight shooter, her transparency when dealing with people always helped her gain the trust of her peers. Trish's insatiable desire to help people find happiness and love, always made creating relationships effortless. After finding true love herself and getting married, she realized there's a lot more to life than the corporate world had to offer. She followed her heart and took the plunge in leaving her executive position at an investment firm to begin her dream career. With already a handful of personal success stories under her belt, Trish began a career a TDR, exhilarated to help others find true love.

Casey McDonald

Matchmaker, Chicago

Born and raised in Chicago, Casey is a true Midwesterner at heart. Her great love for the city has not only inspired her to develop a familiarity with almost every nook and cranny, but also enabled her to create a strong social and working foundation. She prides herself on her extensive network of Chicago singles and her ability to connect like minded people. Casey is multi dimensional, as she enjoys baking just as much as a good sports game or a boxing session. Her clients truly appreciate how she is tapped into a variety of diverse networks, given she has a plethora of interests and abilities. While Casey's determination and go getter mentality are two of her best attributes, her ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease make her one of TDR's most sought after matchmakers.

Caitlin Cooper

Matchmaker, New York

Caitlin has always loved making people feel and look their best. She began her career in fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles, creating womenswear for a private label collection. After an unexpected battle with her health, Caitlin was no longer able to make clothing and needed to make a career change. Once she regained her health, Caitlin knew her natural next step was to help others live more beautiful, healthy lives. After graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, she built a thriving health coaching business, teaching people how to live, look and love from a holistic health perspective. Through her coaching sessions, Caitlin found that many of her clients also sought her advice on love and relationships. As a health coach, Caitlin realized that her true passion was helping clients build stronger relationships with themselves and with their partners. Caitlin is a firm believer that everyone deserves love and happiness, and she is grateful that her path ultimately lead her to TDR where she can impact her clients every day.

Robyn Swider

Matchmaker, New York

With years of successful New York City dating experience under her belt, Robyn is excited to share her insights with her clients to help them find love. After graduating from the College of Charleston, Robyn moved to New York and began a career in sales and marketing for shoplet.com and Lifebroker. Among her friends, Robyn has always been known as the "connector." Over the years, Robyn's friends have credited her with helping them find roommates, job opportunities, and of course, romantic matches. As a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, Robyn is excited to combine her business experience with her ability to bring people together and make love connections.

Kate Edwards

Los Angeles

Among her friends, Kate has always been known as the "dating expert." While working at advertising agencies, Publicis and JWT, her co-workers flocked to her for love advice. She also found herself playing matchmaker for her colleagues at Facebook while she was working there as a marketer. All of these experiences helped Kate realize that matchmaking is her true calling. With a B.A. from Brown University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson, Kate's professional expertise in entrepreneurship and technology make her the ideal fit for Three Day Rule.

Karen Law

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

With roots in England, Australia and Malaysia, Karen has always been at ease connecting with people of various backgrounds and cultures. After graduating with a degree in psychology from Haverford College, Karen decided to combine her logical mind and people skills to obtain a law degree at UCLA School of Law. She then spent several years counseling start ups, all while rapidly expanding her professional and personal network in Los Angeles. She is hard-working and dedicated - she has a reputation for stopping at nothing to find her clients their perfect match. Karen has successfully matched many of her clients, as she is incredibly detail-oriented, and makes it a point to form meaningful relationships with each and every one of them.

Allison Gerrits

Matchmaker, San Francisco

Allison attended the College of Charleston, where she studied urban studies. It was there that she developed an interest in human interaction in particular environments and its implication on society as whole. After working in community relations for an NFL team, she obtained a job facilitating weddings at one of the most premiere wedding venues in the US. After getting to know so many couples who had achieved happiness in their relationships, she developed a unique understanding and ability to determine what makes a good match. Allison uses her inherent ability to understand people and her fine tuned networking skills to find the right fit for her clients within the community of singles in the bay area.

Melany Avrut

Matchmaker, New York

Melany always knew she loved listening to people. After spending time in Atlanta pursuing her undergraduate degree, she came back to her hometown of New York to obtain her Master's in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. Melany spent several years in the Non-Profit sector working with a wide variety of clients from professional athletes to survivors of Hurricane Sandy. All this has prepared her for this unique opportunity to work with people to listen, understand, and support to best find a "right" match for them. When not working diligently on behalf her clients, Melany can be found studying for her MBA classes.

Louisa Liu

Matchmaker, New York

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology, Louisa worked in retail management for various luxury retail companies before joining TDR. Her vast network, infectious personality, and genuine desire to help others make Louisa a natural matchmaker. A past winner of Miss Asian America and Miss San Francisco Chinatown, Louisa enjoys volunteering in the Bay Area and mentoring young women.

Adelle Gomelsky

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

As the first American born in her Russian family, Adelle has always had an interest in meeting new people. Before TDR, she had a successful career in Entertainment PR and Brand Marketing with companies including NBC, FOX, and DIRECTV. However, it wasn’t until she found the love of her life through TDR that she knew she had to help others find the happiness that she had found. Adelle is one of Three Day Rule’s real-life success stories, and is dedicated to helping others also find their ideal match.

Lindsay O'Shea

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

After Graduating from the University of San Diego and studying abroad in Barcelona, Lindsay obtained her masters in Clinical Psychology. It was Lindsay’s passion for understanding people and relationships in conjunction with her ability to empower others to be their best self that led her to pursue a career in matchmaking. She is zealous in her desire to learn about relationships and is currently writing a dissertation on the Millennial Generation and the current climate of relationships and dating. Lindsay enjoys helping others discover love connections by merging her education with her inherent intuition and ability to connect people.

Moira Toomey

Matchmaker, Boston

After completing her degree in social work at the University of New Hampshire, Moira moved to Boston where she began her career in the Non-Profit Sector. Moira worked in numerous facets of the Social work field, developing her interpersonal talents and connecting people. In her spare time Moira enjoyed successfully setting up numerous friends, colleagues and family members. Having a strong desire to see everyone find their “true” happiness - whether in life, career, health and love is what motivates her to work hard everyday. When she’s not connecting people, Moira can be found recreating recipes, trying new workouts in the city or spending time planning her next adventure in the world.

Nora DeKeyser

Matchmaker, New York

After graduating with a dual-degree in Psychology and Strategic Communication from The Ohio State University, Nora moved to New York City to pursue a career in Information Technology staffing and Account Management. After successfully managing relationships with her key accounts including JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and Bank of America, Nora realized her true passion was in managing relationships between her friends and colleagues. Her background in Clinical Psychology and Communications combined with her extensive travels through Europe, Australia, and Africa, taught Nora that relationships can truly happen anywhere. Nora’s honest and sincere Matchmaking abilities have always been a strength in her personal life and prove to be a strength for both her clients and Three Day Rule today.

Morgan Jones

Matchmaker, San Francisco

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Morgan worked for a prestigious commercial real estate brokerage firm. She learned that she has a unique ability to bring people together, connect with people from different backgrounds and walks of life and spread her positivity and zest to others. Although Morgan has traveled the globe, she has strong roots and an extensive network in the city. It was her passion for connecting others and penchant for helping those around her navigate their relationships that led her to her dream job at Three Day Rule.

Heather Noman

Matchmaker, Chicago

Heather has always been interested in human interaction. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Minnesota State University, Heather began her career by building one of the most successful wedding venues in Minneapolis. Her experience working closely with over 500 successful couples gave her incredible insight and a talent for spotting chemistry between two people. Heather thrives on bringing together friends, colleagues, family and even distinctly different cultures. After finding her own match, Heather made the move to Chicago where her passion for the city takes her to all the amazing neighborhoods and events around town. She loves traveling the world, embracing different customs and new experiences. To her, creating a genuine bond and truly understanding someone is the most meaningful experience. Heather’s fierce passion for people and making connections are what make her an excellent matchmaker.

Allie Alvarez

Los Angeles

Allie's own personal success story as a matchmaking client with Three Day Rule inspired her to quit her successful, lucrative career as a pharmaceutical sales executive to join the TDR team as a matchmaker. While working with Talia as her personal matchmaker, Allie was introduced to her now-husband, Rick, who she happily married in November 2012. After Allie's life-changing experience as a Three Day Rule client, she realized that helping others find love was her new calling. Today, Allie works an incredibly fulfilling job as a matchmaker and is Three Day Rule's Director of Premium Services. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Allie combines her rigorous work ethic with her warm personality to find her clients their ideal match.

Talia Goldstein

Los Angeles

From her humble beginnings organizing blind dates from her cubicle to co-founding Three Day Rule in 2013, Talia has matched everyone from top executives to entrepreneurs to models to everyday young professionals who find it difficult to find the time to find love. She's mastered the art of matching by "type" and prides herself in helping her clients find the one. Talia lives in LA with her husband (who is her "type").

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What our clients are saying about TDR's personal matchmaking

Working with Carla, my Three Day Rule matchmaker, was the best! She spent the time to get a sense for who I was and introduced me to great matches. Her feedback and advice after dates were always spot on. Out of all the matchmakers I worked with, she had the most genuine sense of empathy and professionalism.
Bryan, 33
Callie was great to work with! She was very respectful and worked around my busy work schedule. Callie paid close attention to what I was looking for and has a natural talent for knowing what makes two people connect. On the second date, Callie ended up matching me with someone that could not be more perfect for me. We’ve been together for 4 months, we've moved in together, and are both so happy I joined TDR!
YB, 32
Working with Jaime has been a very enjoyable experience. She did an excellent job of listening to my thoughts and was always willing to give advice and feedback that was extremely helpful. Throughout the whole matchmaking experience, Jaime was able to introduce me to women that were each more amazing than the last. If I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt that I would work with her again.
James, 26
Erika has not only done an unbelievably good job of introducing me to a string of amazing women, but she has also done a great job of listening to my feedback and nudging me to expand my horizons. Overall, it's been a very healthy balance for me, and I'm excited to continue working with her.
Joe, 40
Testimonial square 4 jpg
Chris & Roni. Married, August 2014
I was trying to move on from a break up that had left me heart broken. From my first meeting with Heather, I knew she was the perfect person to help me find someone special. Heather is very open, honest, and an amazing listener. I think what makes Heather so successful is that she truly cares about her clients and was genuinely interested in finding out who I was as a person and what motivated me. She introduced me to several wonderful women, and I went on many fun and exciting dates around Chicago. I would recommend anyone who is curious about TDR to at least meet with a matchmaker to find out what they are all about!
Randy, 28
TDR ended up matching me up with someone who couldn't be more perfect for me. He exceeded, and continues to exceed, every expectation I have for an amazing partner. Our first date was the best date that I had ever been on, and 6 months later we were engaged. And, exactly 53 weeks after our first date, we got married. Thank you TDR!
Taryn, 36
Talia has a natural talent for knowing how two people connect. She takes setting people up very seriously and made the effort to get to know so much about me – my likes, dislikes and preferences (both physical and personality). Her suggested matches for me were right on! Thank you for helping me get closer to being in the relationship of my dreams!
Aaron, 36
I hadn’t clicked with anyone I met through online dating and, even after years of living in NY, I still didn’t know where all the engaging men were hiding. I met with Robyn, and she seemed to really understand me and what I was looking for. Plus, she would do the awkward introductions necessary for me to meet someone! For my second date, Robyn set me up with Ben. Ben won me over with his cute smile, great energy and positive attitude. We’ve been together 7 months already, and we’re both so thankful that I signed up for TDR.
Mary, 31
Three Day Rule singlehandedly changed my life for the better! I used to be fixed up constantly, but with all the wrong men. Then, thanks to the spot-on instincts of Talia, TDR's founder and matchmaker extraordinaire, I met the man of my dreams and finally went on my LAST first date! We've been married now for over a year, and not a day passes where I don't think about how grateful I am for Talia and TDR. I've never been happier, and still, to this day, can't believe how lucky I was to meet such an incredible man. I now encourage everyone I know who's single and hoping to meet someone special to look into TDR matchmaking ... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Allie, 39
Testimonial square 1 jpg
Allie & Rick. Married, November 2012
Erika has a gift. She wasn't just checking off boxes and answering pre-made questionnaires-- she was actually really focused on getting to know what makes me different, and beyond all the details and demographic requests, she really came to 'get' me as a person. She introduced me to some really remarkable and beautiful people. And there is absolutely no way that I would have met these women on my own or by swiping right on some app. They are the kind of people that you imagine must be out there, but you never meet. Erika could probably do a lot of different things professionally, and she'd be good at them all. But I really think that this is her calling, because she has the rare ability to actually change someone's life profoundly.
Stuart, 43
Three Day Rule's events are great. Rather than being formal, matchmaking functions, they are more laid back and there is no pressure to walk out with a phone number. You can literally go to an event with the sole purpose of having fun with your friends and there is a good chance you will just end up in a conversation with a like-minded member of the opposite sex. That's what happened to me. I met an interesting girl at a TDR event and we are now engaged!
Dan, 35
It was almost a year ago that I came to TDR with a broken heart. They listened to me and figured out that I was dating the wrong guy types for my personality.  They set me up with my soul mate and best friend — and everything else I didn't even know I was looking for.  I am grateful that TDR encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and throw caution to the wind.  Thank you TDR for making me so blissfully happy.
Tracy, 28
I thought the difference between having a matchmaker and doing self-directed dating would be like the difference between recruiting employees yourself and using a professional recruiter.  But after experiencing TDR's matchmaking, I realized it's a much bigger difference because TDR eliminates a lot of stress, anxiety & decision points. The user experience for your personal matchmaking is incredibly delightful. I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole process.
Ron, 47
Thanks to Erika for being a kickass matchmaker. I've learned a great deal about myself and what I put out there to men in the journey. It's been a unique purview for me into myself, really, and I'm glad I worked with TDR. Marco was a complete gentleman and I really enjoyed speaking to him. I think there is definitely compatibility so would be open to another date. He was super and only right to be the last match as he's met my criteria pretty well.
Sheree, 33
Testimonial square 3 jpg
Ashley & Harrison. Married, November 2013
After recently getting divorced, I tried the online dating thing...Tinder, Match, okcupid, among others. I found that I wasn't meeting the caliber of women that I wanted to meet or date. After filling out an application for TDR, I met up with TDR matchmaker, Louisa, who worked to set me up on a date with an awesome woman that I am currently dating. Thanks, Louisa, and thanks, TDR!
Mark, 46
I was hesitant about matchmaking, but once I met Erika I knew I was in good hands. She was easy to talk to and really took the time to get to know me and what it is I am looking for. She didn't just throw matches at me, she took the time to make sure my matches were with quality men. I met some great guys that I would not have met otherwise. If you're sick of the online dating world, I would definitely recommend Erika and TDR.
Sandy, 28
At first, it was a little nerve wracking because you're letting someone else go through a database of potential matches - what if they missed or overlooked the perfect match? But, at the same time, it took a lot of pressure off by not having to go out there and meet people at bars or doing the online thing (I've never experienced anything more miserable). I'm currently dating my last match from Jaime. We met 3 months ago and we're beyond happy and excited. I would definitely recommend working with TDR and Jaime.
Jasmine, 35
I had a very good experience with Adelle. I'm busy and it's very easy for me to not think about dating, and it was great to have the feeling that someone else was working on that for me while I could go about my daily life. A lot of the anxiety about dating comes after the date, and I was pleasantly surprised about how helpful Adelle was with that.
Christine, 37
Marly is amazing! I felt very comfortable with her - she was kind and supportive. We worked on dating patterns: what they are, why they are, and how to break them. It's clear that I date the same "type" of guy. This entire process (working with both Trish and Marly) has opened me up to so much and really helped me understand more about myself.
Jillian , 39
Adelle david jpg
Adelle & David. Married, November 2015
My favorite part about Three Day Rule is the openness of its members.  Everyone I've met is very honest and forthright about who they are and what they want.  I think most people dislike the "game-playing" that happens in dating, and I've experienced none of that here.  Also, the people I've been matched with are intelligent, motivated and professional; exactly the types of people and qualities I would look for on my own.
Edward, 37
I am very grateful that I met Talia.  Her matchmaking service is so wonderful and personable.  I originally had a great deal of hesitation about being fixed up through a matchmaking service because I felt there was a stigma attached; however, it has been one of the best experiences!  My FIRST match was with an amazing guy whom I'm still currently dating. I'm extremely happy, and I owe it all to Three Day Rule!
Jenny, 35
Louisa did a terrific job helping me bounce back from my divorce. She was attentive and patient in drawing out what I was looking for in a match and then finding suitable dates. During the process, Louisa provided valuable feedback and dating tips. Like a true friend, Louisa puts her heart and soul into her efforts.
Gary, 60
After a friend's suggestion during a dating slump, I met with the TDR team and told them what I was looking for in a match. After just one meeting, they definitely understood what I wanted and set me up with great guy. We are going on date 5, and I'm really excited for more to come. I am grateful I took my pal's advice so take mine: reach out to the women of 'Three Day Rule' if you are ready to get serious about meeting your match.
Erin, 27
I'm so grateful for the women of Three Day Rule and their ability to successfully put people together. They took the qualities I was looking for, listened to the type of guy I wanted in my life, and like magic, found a perfect match! They pick your brain and dedicate their time to you. I'm madly in love, completely fulfilled and incredibly happy. I highly recommend letting these ladies get to work to find your soul mate!
Jennifer, 31
Talia has an exceptional ability to read people and figure out what they want in relationships. Her open, supportive, judgment-free manner puts you at ease immediately. She sent me many excellent matches that I would have never met on my own.  I attended several TDR events and across the board, the guys were smart, attractive, and successful professionals (which is not easy to find in LA!) Having TDR in my back pocket also took away the pressure of "having to meet someone." Knowing that Talia had my back and was working to find me matches actually helped me enjoy myself when I went out and put me in a better mindset to meet men organically. I'd recommend TRD without hesitation to any of my single friends.
Kiera, 32
After several unsuccessful attempts using other matchmaking services, It was an understatement to say I was not particularly interested in trying another. I spoke with Jaime several times over a 3 week period, including a long session to cover the failures of the past and my concerns moving forward. Jaime was encouraging, had excellent questions, and presented different scenarios so that she could determine a truly exceptional match. I was impressed with the profile of my first date- but still slightly skeptical. While Melanie and I have only been out on two dates (planning our third), I am extremely optimistic. TDR was able to introduce me to wonderful women who is a match intellectually, emotionally and athletically, and is truly beautiful on the inside and out. I see a very bright future!
Matt, 53
I joined TDR in late 2014. I was extremely skeptical of the process and fell more into the idea simply based on the energy, optimism, and positive attitude of my matchmaker, Erika. She was a pleasure to work with and made the process feel more like two friends gabbing, which inherently made me more comfortable! By February of 2015, I met my current boyfriend through TDR and am still very happily and exclusively dating him. The experience itself was eye-opening and helped me out of my comfort zone and on dates I may not have pursued through an online dating profile.
Madeline, 37
Jessica jack jpg
Jessica & Jack. Engaged, November 2014
I'm very selective in regards to education and looks, and have a very particular type. I thought the probability of meeting such a person through TDR was low, but I found Carla to be very personable and confident, and decided to give it a try. Working with Carla was great, and over time, we found someone who exceeded expectations and that I am really excited about, and who I would have never otherwise crossed paths with. This could have been the best investment of my life!
Susan, 37
I made the best choice by joining Three Day Rule. I recently got matched, and couldn't have asked for someone more amazing. I trust my matchmaker, Marisa, and my experience has just been amazing so far. I can't wait to see what the future brings.
Paul, 26
My experience with Heather and the TDR team has been nothing short of terrific. From the first interview I had with them, to numerous contacts in presenting dates for me to meet, to their always-professional follow up, I’ve greatly valued my relationship with TDR. Importantly, they worked hard to understand the kind of person I am, and the kind of person I would best match up with. I’m happy to say that a couple of the introductions I’ve had via TDR have led to on-going relationships that I’m still enjoying.
Tom, 62
I’ve gotten a few messages from other matchmakers recently (though I’ve unsubscribed from them now), and I have to say your profile descriptions, profile building, and your whole process was so much better. Everything about my TDR experience with Louisa seemed so much more personal and genuine, whereas their messages felt very formalized/templatized. If I know anyone in the market in the future, I will definitely not hesitate to refer them your way.
David, 42
Being part of the free pool, I have been so impressed with my experience working with TDR! Heather really took the time to get to know me. Dating can be so exhausting, especially when using the dating apps. TDR does the initial legwork for me by introducing me to really great men who have been hand-picked based on our mutual interests, values, preferences, etc. I can count on TDR to thoughtfully match me with someone who has good intentions, is actually looking for a relationship, and who just may be the man of my dreams!
Kara, 36
I appreciate the effort Louisa put into assisting me through this journey. Her advice, the dating coach, and the photo sessions helped me to create a better representation of myself and they all were an experience that got me to a better place.
Rory, 39
I wanted to take a moment to thank Adelle for everything so far. I was a bit skeptical on the whole process, but went with my instinct, which told me Adelle knew what she was doing. I'm glad I did. Dating in LA is crazy, and while it's easy to get dates, it's difficult to find quality people - and nearly impossible to find quality people that have similar interests and values. Yet Adelle has delivered on two of two occasions. Not only has she delivered, she has knocked it out of the park! While they may not be the next Mrs. Heller, I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the matches and their similarity to what I described I was looking for in a partner.
Colin, 37
I wanted to thank Adelle for everything she has done for me and for her support in finding a mate. I enjoyed the process and learned a lot about myself this year. She is a great spirit!
Patricia , 43
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What makes Three Day Rule's personalized matchmaking different than other matchmaking companies?

When Talia, our CEO, founded Three Day Rule, her mission was to create a much more enjoyable, stress-free dating experience for both men and women. Here’s how we do it:

  • We are real people who meet you in person.
  • We find potential dates and ask them the hard questions, face to face.
  • We only introduce you to the most compatible matches.
  • You go on dates and give us feedback.

It’s dating, made simple.

We train every matchmaker in our Los Angeles headquarters to assure that our matchmakers are positive, empowering, and personalized in their approach to finding you a committed relationship.

How does TDR's personalized matchmaking service work?

You have two options: free and paid. In either option, the first step is to take our short quiz. This will take you less than five minutes. (You can add more depth as you go.) Completing the quiz puts you in our free database and lets our matchmakers search for you as a potential match for their clients. It also assigns you a personal matchmaker.

If you would like to explore the option of becoming a TDR paid client, you can request for your personal matchmaker to contact you, or you can go straight to scheduling an informal coffee meeting. Your matchmaker will meet with you to learn about your preferences and show you first-hand how we vet your matches. This initial meeting is free and no obligation.

What does TDR's personalized matchmaking service include?

Our packages including a certain number of vetted matches, personalized attention, and surprise perks from our partners.

Our most popular package is our 6-month personalized matchmaking package that includes:

  • An initial, in-depth session with your matchmaker to determine your preferences
  • 6 or more vetted introductions
  • Ongoing, personalized feedback sessions with your matchmaker after every date
  • Free access to TDR events
  • A complimentary photography session

Our 3-month personalized matchmaking package includes:

  • An introductory meeting with your matchmaker
  • 3 or more vetted introductions
  • Ongoing, personalized feedback sessions with your matchmaker after every date
  • Free access to TDR events

We also offer a multi-city package tailored to those who believe their best match could be anywhere and are willing to make the effort to find out. We accept clients who live outside our current service areas who are willing to travel for vetted matches.

I saw Shark Tank – what’s up with the name?

Just call us TDR. TDR believes that antiquated notions like the “three day rule” don’t reflect the desires and realities of today’s singles. Dating should not be dictated by games or myths about when you should make the first move. Instead, Three Day Rule aspires to create a fun and delightful dating experience for our members.

Do you serve the LGBT community?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! Please take our quiz and we will keep you posted on our launch date in your city.

Do you work with singles above the age of 45?

Absolutely. Our pool tends to range in age from 25-65, however we are always on the lookout for quality singles of any age. Should you decide to work with one of our Matchmakers, they will go to great lengths to ensure that they find amazing matches that are within the specific age range you are looking for.

I have additional questions. Who can I talk to?

For answers to any other questions, please email support@threedayrule.com

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Management Team

Talia Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer

Talia is the CEO and founder of Three Day Rule. After studying communication at Tulane University, Talia worked as a TV producer at E! True Hollywood Story, where she quickly became the office dating expert, setting up many co-workers with matches and handing out insightful dating advice from her cubicle. Recognizing her hidden talent for matchmaking, Talia quit her full-time job and began hosting popular singles events and offering personalized matchmaking services. Three Day Rule was officially created in 2013, allowing Talia to turn her lifelong hobby of matchmaking into a thriving business. After receiving an investment from Match/IAC in 2014, Talia has secured partnerships with Match, OkCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle and The League. Talia has appeared on Good Morning America, and has been featured in Fortune, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and more. Leveraging her extensive network of successful, dynamic singles, Talia has found matches for hundreds of clients, including top executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and everyday young professionals. She has made it her mission to help clients on their quest to find true love, and is thrilled that her work allows her to make a difference in people's lives. Talia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Andy Schmidt

Chief Technical Officer

Andy is the CTO and technical co-founder of Three Day Rule. Before joining with Talia to build TDR's online presence, Andy was the founder and CEO of Labcoat LLC. a digital agency specializing in developing web applications for startup and media companies, including Technicolor, Digital Domain, and Fox. Andy began his technical career at a boutique web development agency called Citrusbyte where he helped conceptualize, build, and launch, venture-funded startups. His extensive experience building online businesses from the ground up has given him a unique insight into the startup life-cycle, allowing him to provide leadership in product strategy, product marketing, and technical strategy. Andy is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds a Masters of Arts in Screenwriting.

Tina Wie

VP of Operations and Strategy

A graduate of Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley, Tina previously worked as a brand marketer for leading Fortune 500 consumer products companies, including The Clorox Company and Del Monte Foods. As a brand marketer, Tina managed marketing initiatives across TV advertising, digital, and consumer promotions, launched five new products, and led the day-to-day business management of multi-million dollar businesses. She joined TDR as its first marketing hire and developed the playbook for the company's expansion, leading TDR's successful launches into Boston and Washington DC. She is thrilled to be working at TDR, and feels truly fulfilled helping others find love.

Kelli Stember

Director of Events

Kelli Stember is Three Day Rule's Director of Events. An LA native and Pepperdine University graduate, Kelli spent five years working for 20th Century Fox TV, where she was immersed in the high-caliber, red carpet events that define the entertainment industry. With a growing desire to bring people together through her own events, she then launched two of her own companies; Kelli Jane Events, a boutique event planning company with a focus on weddings, and In Pursuit Networking, an activity-based social networking club, primarily for singles. Kelli then managed the Los Angeles Rewards program for Thrillist Media Group, sourcing food, beverage, and lifestyle packages for exclusive events. Kelli is excited to continue her passion of bringing people together at TDR, and thrives on the many Three Day Rule success stories that come out of these events.

Robyn Swider

East Coast Regional Manager

With years of successful New York City dating experience under her belt, Robyn is excited to share her insights with her clients to help them find love. After graduating from the College of Charleston, Robyn moved to New York and began a career in sales and marketing for shoplet.com and Lifebroker. Among her friends, Robyn has always been known as the "connector." Over the years, Robyn's friends have credited her with helping them find roommates, job opportunities, and of course, romantic matches. As a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, Robyn is excited to combine her business experience with her ability to bring people together and make love connections.

Katie Kaynor

Membership Manager

Katie is Three Day Rule's Membership Coordinator. A graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Speech Communications, Katie hit the ground running when she moved to Los Angeles and began a career at Hulu. Not only has Katie's depth of experience at Hulu enabled her to provide valuable technical support to the TDR matchmaking team, but her background in PR, recruiting, and customer service and support make her a valuable asset to the team. With a sincere interest in others and true joie de vivre, Katie is a 'go to' professional for clients and matchmakers alike.