Meet the Matchmakers

Our world-class matchmakers provide clients with personalized attention, hand-selected matches, and valuable date coaching. TDR’s matchmakers combine proven matchmaking techniques with cutting-edge technology to ensure we introduce you to the best possible matches.

All of our matchmakers come from impressive corporate backgrounds, but realized their true passion for connecting people and helping singles find lasting love. They are outgoing, inquisitive, and demonstrate relentless dedication to their roles as matchmakers.

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Rachael Kloek

Matchmaker, Seattle

Rachael has been connecting friends and professionals her whole life, armed with her unrivaled network and outgoing personality. Her professional experience includes business development at one of Seattle's leading tech startups, while her academic background at University of Wisconsin and University of New Hampshire spans both Public Relations and the Arts. Incredibly versatile and intuitive, Rachael is committed to her clients whole-heartedly. As a Matchmaker, Rachael's friendly demeanor and knowledge of Seattle make her uniquely equipped to find success for her clients.

Caroline Millet

Matchmaker, Seattle

Both giving and compassionate, Caroline is a natural Matchmaker. She has been connecting people for as long as she can remember, using her skills of observation and creativity to find the uniqueness in every person she encounters. A native of Minneapolis, a graduate of both Universities in Seattle and in Chicago, Caroline's background ranges from sales and digital marketing management to experience in the culinary world. Caroline is a dedicated Matchmaker, who works with her clients on all facets of dating. She takes it as a great privilege to be able to work with her clients on one of the most important parts of their lives.

Nora DeKeyser

New Member Strategist, Los Angeles

Nora began her matchmaking career as a TDR Matchmaker in New York, setting up the Big Apple's most sought after singles. She made a move to Los Angeles to work in TDR's HQ office, and with an extensive elite network of her own, she now exclusively works with our VIP clients, matchmaking mostly celebrities, entrepreneurs, and top executives. Originally from Alaska, Nora naturally gravitates toward the outdoors - she loves skiing, hiking, and SCUBA diving, making the LA lifestyle perfect for this well-traveled woman who has sailed around the world (From Singapore to Morocco). After graduating from The Ohio State University and a successful career in financial recruiting, Nora realized her true passion was in managing relationships.

Brittany Hart

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Matchmaking is an innate skill to Brittany. She has been matching since the age of 3, when she introduced her mother to her step-father and has continued to make long-lasting introductions throughout her life. As a Matchmaker, Brittany is intuitively attuned to the needs of her clients - helping them navigate the dating world and get to the core of what they are looking for in a partner. With a background as a Creative Fashion Director, degrees in Political Science and International Relations, and a longstanding passion for travel, yoga, and ballet, Brittany understands a wide variety of perspectives and life experiences. She works closely with her clients to align their actions, words, and intentions, in order to reveal the best version of themselves and, thus, be ready to meet their match.

Natalie Smith

New Member Strategist, Los Angeles

Natalie's unwavering determination makes her an excellent Matchmaker that will stop at nothing to find great matches and better understand her clients. Her unique life experiences have given her a great understanding of human nature - a huge value to her clients and her work with TDR. After earning her Masters in International Business, Natalie traveled the world, spending time in Panama and Argentina, where she worked at the US Embassy. Upon returning home, she held a position in Strategic Partnerships at a well-known tech firm. When she isn't matchmaking, you can find Natalie surfing, salsa dancing, or leading her local nonprofit chapter. Her realistic, direct approach has made her one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after Matchmakers.

Cami Gregorian

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Cami is a hopeless romantic and successful Matchmaker amongst both her clients and friends. A Southern California native, Cami has a strong network and truly understands the nuances of dating in LA. Her professional background working in sales, styling, and philanthropy has given Cami the opportunity to hone her skills with both clients and corporations. At UC Davis, Cami studied Communication Media and uses these skills daily to connect with people across all backgrounds and mediums. Her gentle but realistic and transparent approach yields results and trust from clients. Most of all, Cami is a great listener and channels her positive attitude to help her clients achieve success. Her strength lies in her ability to take the stress and frustration out of dating, making the journey fun and rewarding.

Lisa Elson

New Member Strategist, Los Angeles

Lisa has always worked in fields where people are the focus, and is deeply passionate about helping others. After graduating from USC, Lisa wrote lifestyle pieces for a variety of publications, helped professionals network in the fields of law, finance, and real estate, and recruited at a private agency. Lisa has roots in the dating industry, and has also worked as a matchmaker in the past prior to her tenure at Three Day Rule. Lisa is a dynamic thinker. She is able to be both logical and passionately creative at the same time, often coming up with unique ways to connect with and help others. Lisa is a keen listener who brings a sense of empathy and originality to relationships. A straight shooter, Lisa is an expert at helping people be transparent and communicative and is a firm believer in not playing games! Her clients appreciate her gentle but to-the-point candor and positivity.

Christie Tcharkhoutian

Senior Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Specializing in compatibility and psychology of relationships, Christie utilizes her unique insight and expertise to help her clients find love. She has successfully matched many couples, putting herself out there for her clients and bringing her warmth and intuition into every meeting. An LA native, Christie is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is a "Triple Trojan" - receiving her Bachelor's, Master's & doctoral degree at the University of Southern California in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. Christie is also a radio host, of The Lyrical Therapy Hour at KXSC and has been a featured dating expert on NBC News, Yahoo News, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and more.

Stephanie Malone

Matchmaker, Los Angeles

Stephanie loves being the go-to expert for dating advice, and her positivity allows her to be a successful coach to family, friends, and clients. A background in production and casting for reality television gives Stephanie a keen eye and interest in people and their stories. From Bravo and Discovery to TLC and NBC, Stephanie worked with a variety of people across all walks of life. At Three Day Rule, Stephanie uses her expertise on people and dating, her ambition, and her drive to cast real-life relationships!

Melissa Bilchik

Nationwide VIP Matchmaker

As a past casting and talent executive, Melissa has professional experience facilitating connections and relating to everyone from talent to network executives. Her work in the entertainment industry included casting unscripted TV and digital series for E!, MTV and NBC, and more, giving her access to Los Angeles' most eligible singles. She has the natural ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what clients truly need. From her casting background, she is able to quickly get a broad picture of who her clients' prospective matches are. Melissa has successfully matched her friends for years, and those who work with her know Melissa as grounded, compassionate, and easy to connect with. Her natural intuition makes her an amazing Matchmaker.

Kelsey Lord

New Member Strategist, Orange County

A true extrovert and natural connector, Kelsey has been making matches her entire life - from friends to colleagues, Kelsey is an expert at finding the right fit. After growing up just south of Boston and attending Syracuse University, she moved to sunny Southern California with a genuine excitement to help others. Her passion for helping people find love and happiness led her through prior jobs in marketing and sales and finally to her dream profession of Matchmaking. Kelsey's optimistic but direct approach makes for constructive, positive, results-oriented relationships with her colleagues and clients alike. Kelsey is known for helping her clients focus on their goals and priorities to develop happy, healthy relationships.

Nicolette Molina

Matchmaker, Orange County

Nicolette is an amazing Matchmaker and expert wing-woman - she is not afraid to approach anyone for her clients and regularly puts herself out there on their behalf. Nicolette's past experience as a wedding coordinator gave her a lot of experience working with couples on communication and problem solving, as well as supporting them through an incredibly stressful yet monumental time in their relationship. She has unique insight into what makes a great match. Nicolette also draws from her past experience and connections in the tech world, where she developed her own projects, partnerships, and platforms and honed her natural talents in networking. From providing helpful ice-breakers to finding true personality matches, Nicolette is driven by her goal to help others find love and happiness.

Debbie Cech

New Member Strategist, Silicon Valley

As a member of TDR's Silicon Valley team, Debbie brings her personal matchmaking experience, genuine excitement, and a professional background committed to successful partnerships with a variety of people. Debbie has previously worked for major Bay Area corporations such as PG&E and Schneider Electric - her experience ranges from event planning and sales to account management and executive administration roles. Debbie is an active listener, and devoted in her pursuit to assist others in their happiness.

Alyssa Park

Matchmaker, San Francisco

As a Matchmaker Alyssa champions each and every person she works with - she believes everyone has their own unique story to tell and makes it her mission to fully understand her clients on a deep level. Alyssa's experience in the dating industry is extensive - she has worked in the dating space with matchmaking companies to online dating sites like Match in roles ranging from matchmaking to marketing. As a TDR Matchmaker, Alyssa feels like she is living her dream every day as she channels her high level of empathy and a strong intuition to find the right connection for her clients. Her approach is always positive, and you can count on Alyssa for solid advice and a wealth of knowledge about all things dating, both online and off.

Kelly Clendenning

Matchmaker, San Francisco

Kelly is a master at getting to know people on a deeper level - she has a knack for getting everyone she meets to open up to her. As a Matchmaker, she is an expert coach to her clients through the ups and downs of dating and encourages her clients to get out of their comfort zone, in turn helping them find success. Her experience working all over the world, has given Kelly a unique perspective on different cultures, beliefs, and values giving her a leg up in making the right matches. Her genuine empathy allows her to connect deeply with clients, always focusing on helping her clients reach their goals.

Jocelyn Connolly

Matchmaker, San Francisco

A life-long romantic, Jocelyn is dedicated to bringing more love into the world every day. Her background in education, led into her work in the dating space where she greatly values connecting and continuing to educate each day. Jocelyn is a graduate of Brown University and the University of San Francisco, and currently resides in Mill Valley. As a Matchmaker, Jocelyn channels her natural ability to create relationships and truly help her clients across all facets of their dating journey.

Stacia Firestone

Matchmaker, San Francisco

Stacia is no stranger to making connections. She has always had a natural inclination for finding the right spark - from hosting speed dating parties in New York to helping everyone she knows connect. Among her many accomplishments during her 7 years at PopSugar, Stacia expanded the virtual user experience to a real-life curated, subscription service. She loves bringing people together in this unique way. Stacia's insight and energy is fully focused on finding genuine matches for her clients.

Brittney Smiejek

New Member Strategist, Chicago

With vast experience in matchmaking and a Master's Degree and background in social work, Brittney is famous for getting to the heart of what (and who) our members are looking for in a match. As the Chicago area New Member Strategist, Brittney helps TDR members get to the core of what they need - working with them to decide on the right membership route and and connecting them with the Matchmaker best suited to accomplish their goals. Brittney is a social butterfly by nature and you can always find her at the latest restaurant launch, networking event, or charity gala meeting the most amazing singles in Chicago.

Samantha Bauer

Matchmaker, Chicago

Samantha is a natural connector. With a Masters and Bachelor's degree in social work, she quickly forms authentic connections with everyone she meets. This skill translates into her strength as a Matchmaker - getting to the root of not only what people are looking for, but what they really need. Combine this with her deep knowledge and extensive network in Chicago, Samantha is an invaluable resource for her clients while finding them great matches. Nothing brings Samantha more joy than helping a client through dating obstacles and bringing a smile to their face. Positive and passionate, it's no wonder Samantha's clients are thrilled to have her in their corner.

Lydia Jenaras

Matchmaker, Chicago

Lydia's genuine warmth is an incredible asset to the Three Day Rule team. Her true desire to help people (along with her infectious laugh), make it easy to see why Lydia's clients are also her friends. She has always been the connector in her social circles and professional life and as a Matchmaker excels in finding the right connection for her clients. Lydia's background in sales and marketing have allowed her to hone her professional relationship building skills as well as build an incredible network in Chicago. From helping with anything her clients need, to insightful post-date feedback sessions, or setting up couples who are now married, Lydia goes above and beyond for every one of her clients.

Rainbow heart

Kara Laricks

National LGBTQ+ Matchmaker

Kara is a powerful voice and connector in the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to matchmaking, Kara's experience includes roles as educator, public speaker, writer, editor, and notable NY Fashion Week designer. Above all, she is passionate about the power of human connection. This passion for love and her commitment to the LGBTQ+ community's safety and happiness drives her to work with others in their journey toward fulfilling long-term relationships. Kara provides genuine, compassionate, and honest guidance while connecting her clients with incredible matches.

Heather Noman

Matchmaker, Chicago

Heather has always been interested in human interaction. After receiving her BFA, Heather began her career by building one of the most successful wedding venues in Minneapolis. Her experience working closely with over 500 couples gave her an amazing understanding and talent for spotting chemistry between two people. As a matchmaker with Three Day Rule for over 3 years, Heather loves working with her clients on a deeper level - she treats every client like a close friend and will go above and beyond to find the right match.

Alisa Purifico

New Member Strategist, New York

Alisa is one of the top in the field, known for her work with our VIP celebrity clientele, she is constantly making big waves in the love space. She has been featured in Buzzfeed and across various media outlets for her signature deep, tough-love approach. Not much gets past this east coast born dynamo. Even though she's a tough cookie, she has an insanely big passion for each and every client she works with including top executives from Netflix, Warner Brothers, Fox, and even NASA. She grew up with a passion for dance and physical fitness - placing top in her class as a bikini competitor. A little mix of hard work and getting to the core of who people really are is Alisa's recipe for success.

Devyn Simone

New Member Strategist, New York

Devyn’s knowledge of the dating landscape, her passion for helping others, and her down-to-earth demeanor make her the perfect Matchmaker. Even as a young girl, Devyn was determined to find a formula for healthy relationships, and this Kansas City native often spent her allowance on psychology and self-help books. Today, Devyn is a renowned dating expert who has been featured on Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Nightline. Her advice has been featured in The New York Post, Yahoo News, and The Huffington Post, and has served as the inspiration for the dating and makeover show Love At First Swipe on TLC.

Tara Ward

Matchmaker, New York

Tara's vivacious personality and natural ability to put herself out there for her clients makes her a coveted Matchmaker. With a Psychology degree from George Washington University in DC, Tara leverages her psychological and social skills every day in her quest for the right matches. Her genuine optimism and keen intuition are only strengthened by her commitment and hard work for her clients. Tara has a professional background in Finance and Business Development, and experience in both pageantry and professional sports, allowing her to connect with singles across the board. As a Matchmaker, Tara uses her expertise to help her clients find their best match and provide strong support and advice throughout the process.

Becky Porter

Senior Matchmaker, New York

Born in Boston, Becky made her way to New York after receiving her degree in Communication Disorders from Bridgewater State University. Always one to be up for a challenge and put others first, Becky began her career as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher in Brooklyn. Becky has always been a connector, so no one was surprised when Becky joined TDR. You can find Becky recreating Pinterest recipes, discovering the next big musician, or practicing yoga.

Elisa Del Castillo

Senior Matchmaker, New York

With a degree in Communications, Elisa has always had an understanding and natural ability to connect with others. Prior to matchmaking, she worked in industries such as marketing, media relations, and staffing. Within different projects, she has always had the same common goal: focus on her clients' needs and surpass expectations. In her spare time she is an avid reader and writer with a specific passion for poetry. Miami raised now living in Manhattan, this city girl has traded oranges for apples.

Julia Mooney

Matchmaker, New York

An experienced mentor and advisor, Julia's natural compassion, vivacity, and intuition are just a few of her great strengths. In her prior experience at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, (a literacy think tank and staff development organization for educators, grades K-8), Julia coached colleagues, teachers, and graduate students on their writing by building confidence and offering constructive feedback. Julia also encourages and inspires her personal friends to seek out love - one of her many success stories includes matching a friend who hadn't dated in fifteen years! Julia is a native New Yorker, and a graduate of Stanford University.

Kristen Stewart

Senior Matchmaker, New York

As a Psychology major at Bucknell University, Krissy developed a keen interest in the nature of people and relationships. After a role with L’Oreal in Customer Marketing and Sales, Krissy realized she wanted to spend her days making a difference. When Krissy isn’t matchmaking, you’ll find her dancing, meeting her friends at their favorite spots, or being a tourist in her own city, always looking for the places and people she hasn’t met.

Skylar Korby

Matchmaker, New York

Throughout her life, Skylar has brought people from all backgrounds together, making strong connections in both love and friendship. She is a skilled liaison, communicator, and the go-to for tough love-laced relationship advice. Her professional experience in client relations, sales, and marketing give her a leg up as a Matchmaker and advocate for her clients. It is important to her that everyone she works with, is happy and living their best life. Skylar is there to help her clients through any dating dilemma as their partner and advisor, using her expertise to help them achieve their relationship goals.

Brittany Molnar

Nationwide VIP Matchmaker

Brittany's bi-coastal experience gives her a unique balance of east and west coast mentality, and allows her to understand and engage with a variety of people. As an alumni of Marymount Manhattan College, Brittany’s heart belongs to NYC and to the New Yorkers looking for their match. With her intuitive nature and genuine disposition, Brittany brings people together easily – she is a natural connector and wingwoman. Her first of many matchmaking success stories was actually at 4 years-old when she introduced her mom and stepdad, who are happily married to this day.

Caitlin Cooper

Matchmaking Coordinator, East Coast

Caitlin spent the beginning part of her career training and coaching athletes, military personal, and people new to working out to help them achieve their health goals. She expanded her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and built a thriving health coaching business, teaching people how to live, look, and love from a holistic health perspective. With a license as a holistic practitioner, nutrition counselor, and coach she has helped people reach their highest potential on an emotional and physical level. She believes that love is an integral part of our health and is grateful that her path ultimately lead her to TDR where she can impact her clients every day.

Liz Bruno

Matchmaker, Boston

Liz's passion for matchmaking shines in her work with each of her clients. A dating expert who helps with even the smallest tips, from texts to first dates, Liz will always put herself out there on her clients' behalf. With a degree in Psychology from Trinity College, Liz is passionate about human connection and understanding what draws people together. She is invested and driven, and always has an empathetic ear for her clients. Professionally, Liz worked in Academic Admissions for many years, giving her unique insight into many different personalities. She is committed to helping others with their personal growth across all areas. Liz is always looking for matches - across every part of Boston - and she works tirelessly for her clients because she loves love.

Sherry Albert

New Member Strategist, Boston

Sherry knows how to make an impact in her clients' lives. Not only is she a true partner and support for her clients, she is a native of the Boston area - giving her a great networking ability. Her background studying entrepreneurial leadership at Tufts University and her experience working with a top CEO to grow a big brand, through marketing and social media as well as HR, have allowed her to hone her natural skills of connecting and understanding people. A lifelong Matchmaker and coach, Sherry puts everyone she meets at ease. She excels at getting to the core of who someone really is and making the right matches, as well as being there to walk her clients through any dating situation.

Lora Bertoldi

New Member Strategist, Boston

Tenacious and incredibly genuine, Lora has always channeled her social and energetic nature into helping others. Her clients' happiness is her number one priority which is clear from the all-in way she works for them. With a breadth of experience in customer relations and sales, Lora has worked directly with customers and clients in both marketing research and event production allowing her to easily connect with everyone she meets. Lora truly understands the full cycle of love and relationships and uses that expertise to provide excellent insight to her clients and matches alike.

Kat Haselkorn

Matchmaker, DC

A real-life "cheerleader for love", Kat has been researching and writing about relationships for over a decade. Kat knows how to make connections. From wedding planning to corporate wellness, to creating content for an SEO company while also publishing her own book, Kat has an incredible network. She is optimistic, lighthearted, adventurous, and empathetic. As a native of DC, Kat utilizes her vast network to make introductions across the city. Kat's degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago, coupled with her networking skills, and intuition give her an amazing ability to help her clients succeed.

Quin Woodward Pu

Matchmaker, DC

Quin is driven to help her clients achieve their highest potential through self-understanding and growth. A strong communicator, Quin excels in empowering others - whether personally or professionally - to know their own value. Professionally, this manifested through successful roles in advertising, public relations, and her own communications consultancy - utilizing her expansive network in nationally. Originally from Georgia and an alumnus of Vanderbilt University, Quin now takes full advantage the vast national network she has built to introduce her clients to the best matches. Quin brings a well-rounded outlook to her matchmaking and works with every client to hone their strengths in order to maximize their success.

Callie Harris

Senior Matchmaker, DC

Callie is one of DC's top Matchmakers and has been there since the beginning, helping launch Three Day Rule in DC. Her approach is about truly understanding her clients, getting to know them like a friend while providing the insight and intuition of an expert. Callie has connected many successful relationships, engagements, and marriages - a few clients even recently had babies! Callie has been featured on Good Day DC, Good Morning Washington, NPR, Fresh 94.7, The Washingtonian, Match Webinars, The Kojo Show, Fab Fit Fun, Great Day DC, and many more outlets. Callie's robust network of professional and political influencers in DC make her an ideal Matchmaker for the nation’s capital, and her positive personality and incredible compassion make Callie a life-long friend.

Jaime Bernstein

Senior Matchmaker, DC

Jaime's sincere, but bold approach to matchmaking makes her both a great Matchmaker, as well as an outstanding dating strategist. Jaime's unique matchmaking style is all about customization and understanding an individual's "off paper" intangible qualities. Jaime has helped many of her clients find meaningful relationships, engagements, marriages, and even resulted in a baby! Jaime has been featured as an expert on Good Morning Washington, Good Day DC, Great Day DC, Match Webinars, NPR, Fresh 94.7 fm, Fab Fit Fun, the Washingtonian, and numerous other outlets.

Lauren Ladd

New Member Strategist, Philadelphia

Lauren's warm nature leaves you feeling understood and comfortable. She is thoughtful and easy to connect with - two traits that have served her well as a Matchmaker and in her former roles. Lauren has the ability to get to the bottom of who people are at their core, so she can intuitively understand who they might match well with. With previous experience as a project manager in commercial real estate, Lauren is as equipped to handle major corporate expansions as she is to make life-changing introductions, the latter being the most rewarding for her! Lauren is a native of Philadelphia, with an extensive network and a deep understanding of the city, its culture and its people.

Michal Naisteter

Matchmaker, Philadelphia

Born in Israel, multilingual, and passionate about world travel and dance (Salsa and Bachata, especially), Michal’s international background only further compliments her already engaging and outgoing personality. Michal comes to TDR from work in human sexuality and public health research and education. Along with a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality, Michal is no stranger to the matchmaking world. In fact, she and her husband were matched by a friend. Michal considers it a privilege to help others experience the magic of matchmaking in their own lives.

Erika Kaplan

Senior Matchmaker, Philadelphia

After graduating from Penn State, Erika began her career in publishing, working for Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal. Erika left corporate America to feed her passion of connecting people. Erika loves volunteering, yoga, and exploring her city. She also has a certified therapy french bulldog, who helps people all around Philadelphia. Erika’s clients have said that her intuition and transparent way of working results in great success and personal growth.

Our Founder

Talia Goldstein


Talia is the founder of Three Day Rule. After studying communication at Tulane University, Talia worked as a TV producer at E! True Hollywood Story, where she quickly became the office dating expert, setting up many co-workers with matches and handing out insightful dating advice from her cubicle. Recognizing her hidden talent for matchmaking, Talia quit her full-time job and began hosting popular singles events and offering personalized matchmaking services. Three Day Rule was officially created in 2013, allowing Talia to turn her lifelong hobby of matchmaking into a thriving business. After receiving an investment from Match/IAC in 2014, Talia has secured partnerships with Match, OkCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle, and The League. Talia has appeared on Good Morning America, and has been featured in Fortune, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, and more. Leveraging her extensive network of successful, dynamic singles, Talia has found matches for hundreds of clients, including top executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and everyday young professionals. She has made it her mission to help clients on their quest to find true love, and is thrilled that her work allows her to make a difference in people's lives. Talia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

To the top

Management Team

Robyn Raynes

VP of Sales

A long time New Yorker, Robyn launched Three Day Rule's presence in New York City as the company's first Matchmaker on the east coast. After quickly building TDR's membership in the Big Apple through extensive networking, as well as appearances in Refinery29 and on CNN, Robyn moved into a management role within TDR - eventually launching six more markets. Robyn has unique experience with hands on matchmaking, as well as hiring, training, and developing a growing team of Matchmakers. Today, she is TDR's VP of Sales, responsible for the continued growth of the company.

Erika Kaplan

VP of Client Experience

With a degree from Penn State, Erika began her career in publishing working for Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal. After years of business-to-business experience, Erika left corporate America to seek a career that felt impactful and allowed her to feed her passion of connecting people. With years of matchmaking under her belt and many happy clients of her own, Erika now oversees client services and is responsible for ensuring that each Three Day Rule member has a rewarding experience. Erika’s passion, transparent nature, and intuition make her an asset to both clients and Matchmakers.

Heather Noman

Director of Marketing

Heather began her career by building one of the most successful wedding venues in Minneapolis. While there, she developed the strategy for the company’s growth - increasing revenue by over 300% year over year, winning several coveted industry awards, creating operation systems, building a strong team, and receiving countless personal service recommendations. Heather was thrilled to transition her experience into making connections on the other side of love, as one of Three Day Rule's first Chicago Matchmakers. Since then, she has taken over management of both the creative and technical sides of Three Day Rule. As the Director of Marketing, Heather focuses on TDR's brand strategy, PR, user experience, and new marketing initiatives.

Kelli Stember Ferrone

Director of Events

Kelli Stember Ferrone is Three Day Rule's Director of Events, having joined the team in 2012. An LA native and Pepperdine University graduate, Kelli spent five years working for 20th Century Fox TV, where she was immersed in the high-caliber, red carpet events that define the entertainment industry. Kelli then managed the Los Angeles Rewards & Events program for Thrillist Media Group. In her time at Three Day Rule, Kelli has planned and executed several hundred events across 10 cities and thrives on the many Three Day Rule success stories that come out of these events.

Marisa Reisel

Senior Creative Manager

Marisa, a native of Los Angeles, completed her degree at Princeton University and attended Yale University Norfolk School of Art. Following graduation, Marisa relocated to San Francisco where she worked in Marketing and PR for a boutique technology firm. Since returning to LA, Marisa's experience includes compliance for an exclusive corporate recruiting firm, process innovation for Hulu's Customer Support team, and freelance graphic design. Originally a Three Day Rule Matchmaker in LA, Marisa is passionate about the Three Day Rule brand and mission to help others. This passion, along with her design background and strategy experience led Marisa to join TDR's business team specializing in creatively-driven content.

Becky Porter

Client Experience Manager

After years as a Matchmaker with many success stories under her belt, Becky now works on the client services team - working with both clients and Matchmakers to ensure that each TDR member is having a valuable experience. Originally from Boston, Becky made her way to New York after receiving her degree in Communication Disorders from Bridgewater State University. She began her career as a special education teacher in Brooklyn, easily transitioning into her role as a Matchmaker with TDR. A natural connector, Becky continues to to use her empathy and deep understanding to enhance client experience and facilitate continued Matchmaker training. Becky loves the opportunity her role allows her to interact with so many amazing, unique people every day!

Katie Wilson

Senior Membership Manager

Katie is Three Day Rule's Senior Membership Manager. A graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Speech Communications, Katie hit the ground running when she moved to Los Angeles and began a career at Hulu. Not only has Katie's depth of experience at Hulu enabled her to provide valuable technical support to the TDR matchmaking team, but her background in PR, recruiting, and customer service and support make her a valuable asset to the team. With a sincere interest in others and true joie de vivre, Katie is a 'go to' professional for clients and matchmakers alike.

Andy Schmidt

Co-Founder & Advisor

Andy is the technical co-founder of Three Day Rule. Before joining Talia to build TDR's online presence, Andy was the founder and CEO of Labcoat LLC. a digital agency specializing in developing web applications for startup and media companies. Andy began his technical career at a boutique web development agency called Citrusbyte where he helped conceptualize, build, and launch, venture-funded startups. His extensive experience building online businesses allows him to provide leadership in product strategy, product marketing, and technical strategy. Andy is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds a Masters of Arts in Screenwriting.

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