Marjan Fathi


Marjan has always had a passion for connecting with others. She has lived all over the country and internationally her network spans from Los Angeles to Dubai. As a Matchmaker, Marjan is positive, and compassionate and will always go the extra mile to find an amazing match for her clients.

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Matthew, 43

A Matchmaking Expert

Marjan’s cheerful nature and strong intuition allow her to get to the core of who people are and what they want in a partner. She is a true expert at helping people feel confident while dating.

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Danny, 34
In a Relationship

Set And Reach Your Goals

Extremely outgoing and an incredible wingwoman, Marjan will not shy away from striking up a conversation with anyone who could be a great fit for her clients. From tips on mindset going into dates to giving helpful feedback, Marjan will stop at nothing to help her clients reach their dating goals.

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Kelly, 38

Marjan felt more like a trusted friend who happened to be a professional Matchmaker, and who was helping me in my journey to find a love interest. If you are looking for a very sincere and competent Matchmaker, I highly recommend Marjan.

Aaron, 38

I came to Three Day Rule after years of frustrating online dating. I first met Lisa and knew I would be working with Matchmakers who understood the challenges of dating. I was paired with Marjan as my Matchmaker and she was wonderful to work with.

Kiele, 34

Working with Marjan was a joy! She listened to the feedback I provided after each of my dates and actually applied it to the next match. This led to her matching me with some remarkable people...the experience has been incredibly valuable.

Anastasia, 47
Damien, 52

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