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What our clients are saying about TDR's personal matchmaking

I thought the difference between having a matchmaker and doing self-directed dating would be like the difference between recruiting employees yourself and using a professional recruiter.  But after experiencing TDR's matchmaking, I realized it's a much bigger difference because TDR eliminates a lot of stress, anxiety & decision points. The user experience for your personal matchmaking is incredibly delightful. I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole process.
Ron, 47
Corey   wendy
Wendy and Corey. Married 2017.
I’m thrilled I did TDR; it was probably the best investment I’ve ever made. Going through emails and winks online at the end of a long day of work felt like torture. Having a TDR matchmaker meet me and understand my past, my goals, and what I like felt very thorough. I think it is far better to have a group of worldly and savvy matchmakers vet men for me. Thanks so much for introducing me to Corey (who I'm now engaged to) and for changing our lives!
Wendy, 38
I wanted to take a moment to thank Adelle for everything so far. I was a bit skeptical on the whole process, but went with my instinct, which told me Adelle knew what she was doing. I'm glad I did. Dating in LA is crazy, and while it's easy to get dates, it's difficult to find quality people - and nearly impossible to find quality people that have similar interests and values. Yet Adelle has delivered on two of two occasions. Not only has she delivered, she has knocked it out of the park! I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the matches and their similarity to what I described I was looking for in a partner.
Colin, 37
Adelle david jpg
Adelle & David. Married, 2015.
Erika has a gift. She wasn't just checking off boxes and answering pre-made questionnaires-- she was actually really focused on getting to know what makes me different, and beyond all the details and demographic requests, she really came to 'get' me as a person. She introduced me to some really remarkable and beautiful people. And there is absolutely no way that I would have met these women on my own or by swiping right on some app. They are the kind of people that you imagine must be out there, but you never meet. Erika could probably do a lot of different things professionally, and she'd be good at them all. But I really think that this is her calling, because she has the rare ability to actually change someone's life profoundly.
Stuart, 43
My experience with Heather and the TDR team has been nothing short of terrific. From the first interview I had with them, to numerous contacts in presenting dates for me to meet, to their always-professional follow up, I’ve greatly valued my relationship with TDR. Importantly, they worked hard to understand the kind of person I am, and the kind of person I would best match up with. I’m happy to say that a couple of the introductions I’ve had via TDR have led to on-going relationships that I’m still enjoying.
Tom, 62
Jessica jack jpg
Jessica & Jack. Married, 2015.
Callie was great to work with! She was very respectful and worked around my busy work schedule. She paid close attention to what I was looking for and has a natural talent for knowing what makes two people connect. On the second date, Callie ended up matching me with someone that could not be more perfect for me. We’ve moved in together, are getting married in May, and are both so happy I joined TDR!
James, 32
I was trying to move on from a break up that had left me heart broken. From my first meeting with Heather, I knew she was the perfect person to help me find someone special. Heather is very open, honest, and an amazing listener. I think what makes Heather so successful is that she truly cares about her clients and was genuinely interested in finding out who I was as a person and what motivated me. She introduced me to several wonderful women, and I went on many fun and exciting dates around Chicago. I would recommend anyone who is curious about TDR to at least meet with a matchmaker to find out what they are all about!
Randy, 28
Testimonial square 4 jpg
Chris & Roni. Married, 2014
At first, it was a little nerve wracking because you're letting someone else go through a database of potential matches - what if they missed or overlooked the perfect match? But, at the same time, it took a lot of pressure off by not having to go out there and meet people at bars or doing the online thing (I've never experienced anything more miserable). I'm currently dating my last match from Jaime. We met 3 months ago and we're beyond happy and excited. I would definitely recommend working with TDR and Jaime.
Jasmine, 35
Working with Carla, my Three Day Rule matchmaker, was the best! She spent the time to get a sense for who I was and introduced me to great matches. Her feedback and advice after dates were always spot on. Out of all the matchmakers I worked with, she had the most genuine sense of empathy and professionalism.
Bryan, 33
Testimonial square 3 jpg
Ashley & Harrison. Married, 2013.
Working with Jaime has been a very enjoyable experience. She did an excellent job of listening to my thoughts and was always willing to give advice and feedback that was extremely helpful. Throughout the whole matchmaking experience, Jaime was able to introduce me to women that were each more amazing than the last. If I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt that I would work with her again.
James, 26
Three Day Rule singlehandedly changed my life for the better! I used to be fixed up constantly, but with all the wrong men. Then, thanks to the spot-on instincts of Talia, TDR's founder and matchmaker extraordinaire, I met the man of my dreams and finally went on my LAST first date! We've been married now for over a year, and not a day passes where I don't think about how grateful I am for Talia and TDR. I've never been happier, and still, to this day, can't believe how lucky I was to meet such an incredible man. I now encourage everyone I know who's single and hoping to meet someone special to look into TDR matchmaking ... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Allie, 39
Testimonial square 1 jpg
Allie & Rick. Married, 2012.
After several unsuccessful attempts using other matchmaking services, It was an understatement to say I was not particularly interested in trying another. I spoke with Jaime several times over a 3 week period, including a long session to cover the failures of the past and my concerns moving forward. Jaime was encouraging, had excellent questions, and presented different scenarios so that she could determine a truly exceptional match. I was impressed with the profile of my first date- but still slightly skeptical. While Melanie and I have only been out on two dates (planning our third), I am extremely optimistic. TDR was able to introduce me to wonderful women who is a match intellectually, emotionally and athletically, and is truly beautiful on the inside and out. I see a very bright future!
Matt, 53
TDR basically provided a monthly-man-in-my-inbox! Callie was so good about checking in, providing feedback, and sending encouraging thoughts. Callie found me an amazing relationship. I fell in love! It didn't work out, but I now know what I want..and know love is possible again!
Martha, 36
Unnamed 3
Beth & James. Engaged, 2016.
Erika has not only done an unbelievably good job of introducing me to a string of amazing women, but she has also done a great job of listening to my feedback and nudging me to expand my horizons. Overall, it's been a very healthy balance for me, and I'm excited to continue working with her.
Joe, 40
I had a very good experience with Adelle. I'm busy and it's very easy for me to not think about dating, and it was great to have the feeling that someone else was working on that for me while I could go about my daily life. A lot of the anxiety about dating comes after the date, and I was pleasantly surprised about how helpful Adelle was with that.
Christine, 37
Jennifer & Kern. Married, 2015.
I'm very selective in regards to education and looks, and have a very particular type. I thought the probability of meeting such a person through TDR was low, but I found Carla to be very personable and confident, and decided to give it a try. Working with Carla was great, and over time, we found someone who exceeded expectations and that I am really excited about, and who I would have never otherwise crossed paths with. This could have been the best investment of my life!
Susan, 37
Thanks to Erika for being a kickass matchmaker. I've learned a great deal about myself and what I put out there to men in the journey. It's been a unique purview for me into myself, really, and I'm glad I worked with TDR. Marco was a complete gentleman and I really enjoyed speaking to him. I think there is definitely compatibility so would be open to another date. He was super and only right to be the last match as he's met my criteria pretty well.
Sheree, 33
After recently getting divorced, I tried the online dating thing. I found that I wasn't meeting the caliber of women that I wanted to meet or date. After filling out an application for TDR, I met up with TDR matchmaker, who worked to set me up on a date with an awesome woman that I am currently dating. Thanks, TDR!
Mark, 46
My favorite part about Three Day Rule is the openness of its members.  Everyone I've met is very honest and forthright about who they are and what they want.  I think most people dislike the "game-playing" that happens in dating, and I've experienced none of that here.  Also, the people I've been matched with are intelligent, motivated and professional; exactly the types of people and qualities I would look for on my own.
Edward, 37
I was hesitant about matchmaking, but once I met Erika I knew I was in good hands. She was easy to talk to and really took the time to get to know me and what it is I am looking for. She didn't just throw matches at me, she took the time to make sure my matches were with quality men. I met some great guys that I would not have met otherwise. If you're sick of the online dating world, I would definitely recommend Erika and TDR.
Sandy, 28
After a friend's suggestion during a dating slump, I met with the TDR team and told them what I was looking for in a match. After just one meeting, they definitely understood what I wanted and set me up with great guy. We are going on date 5, and I'm really excited for more to come. I am grateful I took my pal's advice so take mine: reach out to the women of 'Three Day Rule' if you are ready to get serious about meeting your match.
Erin, 27
I'm so grateful for the women of Three Day Rule and their ability to successfully put people together. They took the qualities I was looking for, listened to the type of guy I wanted in my life, and like magic, found a perfect match! They pick your brain and dedicate their time to you. I'm madly in love, completely fulfilled and incredibly happy. I highly recommend letting these ladies get to work to find your soul mate!
Jennifer, 31
I joined TDR in late 2014. I was extremely skeptical of the process and fell more into the idea simply based on the energy, optimism, and positive attitude of my matchmaker, Erika. She was a pleasure to work with and made the process feel more like two friends gabbing, which inherently made me more comfortable! By February of 2015, I met my current boyfriend through TDR and am still very happily and exclusively dating him. The experience itself was eye-opening and helped me out of my comfort zone and on dates I may not have pursued through an online dating profile.
Madeline, 37
Three Day Rule's events are great. Rather than being formal, matchmaking functions, they are more laid back and there is no pressure to walk out with a phone number. You can literally go to an event with the sole purpose of having fun with your friends and there is a good chance you will just end up in a conversation with a like-minded member of the opposite sex. That's what happened to me. I met an interesting girl at a TDR event and we are now engaged!
Dan, 35
I couldn't be more happy that I signed up for TDR. Nora is incredibly sharp, personable and thoughtful, and she did a great job of really getting to know me and what I was looking for in a match. After meeting numerous potential matches, she carefully selected the ones she thought would be a great fit, and she couldn't have been more spot on. My second match quickly turned into a real relationship with an amazing person. When I consider the countless hours and energy I would have wasted on dating apps and on mediocre dates, TDR turned out to be a great investment!
Tommy, 30
I made the best choice by joining Three Day Rule. I recently got matched, and couldn't have asked for someone more amazing. I trust my matchmaker, Marisa, and my experience has just been amazing so far. I can't wait to see what the future brings.
Paul, 26
I’ve gotten a few messages from other matchmakers (though I’ve unsubscribed from them now), and I have to say your profile descriptions, profile building, and your whole process was so much better. Everything about my TDR experience seemed so much more personal and genuine, whereas their messages felt very formalized/templatized. If I know anyone in the market in the future, I will definitely not hesitate to refer them your way.
David, 42
Being part of the free pool, I have been so impressed with my experience working with TDR! Heather really took the time to get to know me. Dating can be so exhausting, especially when using the dating apps. TDR does the initial legwork for me by introducing me to really great men who have been hand-picked based on our mutual interests, values, preferences, etc. I can count on TDR to thoughtfully match me with someone who has good intentions, is actually looking for a relationship, and who just may be the man of my dreams!
Kara, 36
I am very happy that I took the plunge and started working with TDR. I have had a great experience working with Brianna. Brianna’s matches have shown thought and effort to meet my needs. I can tell she puts effort in and that she truly cares about me being happy with my match. She is always available to take calls, provide advice and is easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!
Ben, 37
I've been working with Caitlin for some time and have always been deeply impressed by her amazing way of being empathetic with other people's situations and full of positive energy. The following qualities make her especially good at her job -- being understanding, fully relating to her clients, and being able to give great insights. I really enjoy working with her and she has become a dear friend of mine.
Jen, 27
I signed up with TDR with some hesitation. Like many people, my life does not necessarily lend itself to meeting new people -- I work (a lot!), most of my friends are in long-term relationships or married, and I am just too old to hit the bars. But, I was interested in finding a new relationship. A matchmaker sounded like just the ticket. My first match Callie sent me looked like an odd fit based on my past relationships, but I swore I would be open-minded about doing this, so I agreed to meet him. After the first date, I thought he found me uninteresting. But, since I enjoyed meeting him, I said I would see him again if he wanted to. Callie got feedback (invaluable to us meeting again), and he said he would like to so we went on date two. This time went better. And, every time since has been better still! We’ve been seeing each other frequently for a few months now, and are spending the holidays together. So, Callie was right and we were wrong about whether we made a good match—we do!
Marie, 50
You know that feeling of confidence, when there’s a successful and beautiful woman in your corner? It’s the same feeling as having Casey McDonald as your relationship consultant. It can be difficult to rationalize hiring a matchmaker in these days of seemingly unlimited electronic means of meeting people, but once I committed to TDR, I could tell the difference immediately. There’s a great feeling of relief, knowing that Casey is behind the scenes, considering my attributes and comparing them to potential partners in her database. The time savings alone, of not scrolling randomly through profiles, makes TDR worthwhile. Another noteworthy benefit to Casey and TDR is that the women who are enrolled are interested in committed relationships. And since there’s a financial commitment to the service, the women I’m meeting through Casey are interesting, thoughtful, women of substance, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a partner.
Sam, 51
I had been single for over 8 years when I met Heather at a networking event. I was really excited to meet with her to see if Three Day Rule would be able to help me get past some of my dating roadblocks and meet a great man. We sat down for an hour and she asked me all sorts of great questions that made me uncover many of the things that I didn't know I wanted and needed from a partner. Because of that conversation, I let go of some things that I had focused on attracting and started to think about the new qualities that I didn't even know until Heather asked! Three months later when I was on a dating site I found a man that I would have never thought was a good match for me but ended up being everything that I needed!! We have been together for 1 1/2 years now and are talking about getting engaged soon. Thank you SO much Heather for taking the time to ask the right questions so I could truly uncover the qualities for a partner that was perfect for me.
Natalie, 35
When I first came to TDR, I was in a negative place in terms of dating. I knew I needed to try something different. From the beginning, I knew this experience was special. My relationship with Callie grew beyond simply “client” and “matchmaker.” She was always available if I needed to chat, and she really tried to understand the essence of who I was and what I needed in a partner. Callie listened to the feedback I provided after each of my dates and actually applied it to the next match she would present me with, providing an objective lens in my dating life that you just can't get from an app. This led to her matching me with some remarkable people and eventually with Brian, who I felt an instant connection with. When I signed up for this I never expected to meet anyone as special as Brian. Heck, when I first separated from my ex, I was convinced nobody would ever date me at all. I absolutely never thought I would ever love again, or feel loved back -- AND I HAVE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Callie! This experience was worth every penny and more.
Nicole, 36
TDR is a welcome respite from the world of swiping and clicking. It is a more personal form of dating that seems to be lacking in our modern world, a more "quality than quantity". From the initial interview, to setting up first dates, working with my matchmaker Brianna has been a great experience. Anytime I have any questions, Brianna is there to answer them. From potential date ideas to updates on our search, it's like a guided hand through the seas of dating.
Ian, 33
Working with TDR was great. It was a serious decision for me to work with a matchmaker and Nora put me at ease right away. Her sincerity and dedication to helping others find love came through in my first meeting with her. She listens to what you want and focuses on compatibility in her matches. She also helped me to be more open minded! Nora introduced me to who I'm dating today and it's been a great experience! I'm very thankful to TDR and highly recommend working with Nora.
Callie, 40
I had the pleasure of working with Caitlin as a client in 2016. She struck me as highly personable, upbeat, and genuine. It was easy to relate to her and talk about even very personal details. Within minutes, I found myself thinking that she was perfect for her job. My admiration for her only grew during the following months. Not only did she show great care, diligence, professionalism, and ingenuity in making arrangements for me, but her follow-ups showed a serious commitment to her job and, even more importantly, to her client. I have been lucky having been able to work with her, and I congratulate everyone who will be fortunate enough to do so in the future. She is outstanding at her job, and will be highly successful in the future.
Wayne, 48
It was amazing having Allison as my matchmaker and looking out for me through this experience. Going through this experience has taught me to invest in personal relationships, which had previously been on hold as I focused on my career. It was a great experience and can only say good things about having someone on your side looking for your match in life. This was especially important to me given that I personally did not have time and was out of the country so often. Allison was amazing and on top of everything and it felt like she was personally invested in the success of matches. Keep doing what you are doing, and looking out for those seeking a lifetime partner!
Max, 35
After working overseas for a few years and coming out of back-to-back long-term relationships, I found myself in a dating world I hardly recognized. As a single woman verging on forty, I felt the rules and how couples meet and connect had changed dramatically since the last time I was single. I couldn't figure out how to connect with men swiping right or left and all of my friends had long coupled off and were out of the game. I clearly needed some help and started looking into matchmakers. Fairly early on, Callie introduced me to Chris and we've been together for about four months! In addition to having good instincts and an amazing network, Callie was the objective set of eyes and ears that I needed. I recommend Callie and TDR to anyone who does need a little extra nudge or looking to recalibrate their dating life and strategies. Having Callie help me navigate the possibilities has been invaluable and I'm grateful for her help!
Alicia, 39
Meeting Jaime was the best decision I ever made. I was able to tell her everything about what I wanted and she wanted to hear it all! When Jaime followed up a couple of days later to introduce me to Ehrlich, I was excited. I couldn't be happier or more in love. Ehrlich is the love of my life. Unlike other guys I met, he was serious about being in a relationship and knew what he wanted. I feel so incredibly grateful to be with Ehrlich and it's all because of Jamie and TDR.
Sherri, 32
I truly believe that I needed to go on the dating journey I did with TDR to find my match, and Nora supported me through that journey. I appreciate that Nora was always willing to listen and offer support, and the time she put into finding me matches and helping me through those dates and decisions as well. I think so many people would benefit from the experience Nora provided, and I continue to share my story of working with her to friends.
Rosa, 36
Initially signing up for TDR was exciting, but I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into. Jaime made the entire experience as wonderful as it could possibly be. Throughout the whole process I not only was able to meet and learn from each match that Jaime provided, but I was also learned about myself. Looking back on the entire process, the constant feedback from Jaime not only helped my dating life, but also helped me grow as a person. I cannot thank Jaime enough for everything , including setting me up with a woman that I have created something special with and call my best friend.
Adam, 28

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