Kristen Stewart

Matchmaker and Matchmaking Manager

Kristen's matchmaking style is empathetic and optimistic. Her genuine curiosity about others leads her to engage with singles everywhere - from the young professional in the Starbucks line to the CEO sitting next to her on the subway.

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Krissy helped me find and fall for a beautiful, successful, kind, and loving woman...who is now my fiancee!

I had a great experience with Kristen. I give this service and her a five-star rating not just because I found the one but also because it can be a stressful experience trying to date in New York City and Three Day Rule made my life less stressful.

Vince, 36
Vince & Kelsey, Engaged

“Krissy, you get me!”

As a Psychology major at Bucknell University, Kristen developed a keen interest in the nature of people and relationships. This same curiosity drives her to work to truly understand her clients and use her innate ability to connect with you and zero in on what is important in your ideal match.

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Kelsey, 36

Spoiler alert: Krissy matched me with my husband!

I met my husband through Three Day Rule! Krissy Stewart was my Matchmaker, and she was caring, detailed, and responsive throughout the whole experience. I can't recommend Three Day Rule and Krissy enough!

Jenny, 36
Jenny & Gary, Married

Inspires Everyone She Meets

Kristen brings open communication and trust to her matchmaking - becoming a teammate with her clients. She finds success in knowing that she works hand-in-hand with her clients towards their goals.

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Krissy is how I met my now fiance! My Matchmaker was thorough and genuinely cared about me & my experience! I am so grateful a service like this exists to help busy, professional women! I have referred numerous people to Three Day Rule as well.
Heather, 30
Alison, 50
Actively Dating Match (Not Exclusive)

Makes Success Stories Happen

Krissy is proud of setting up many thriving relationships, engagements and marriages! As a survivor of brain cancer, Krissy values health and wellness and published a memoir capturing her journey. This journey has enhanced her passion for forming and cherishing valuable relationships and this outlook is spread to her clients.

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Mariah, 39
Alex, 33
Stephen, 48
Scott, 57

Testimonials For Kristen

Krissy is a godsend! After years of swiping on dating apps with no luck, I was ready to try something new. Could a matchmaking service actually work? I'm here to tell you...YES! I'm so happy took the leap into the world of matchmaking!

Laura, 31

Kristen was an amazing Matchmaker. We chatted about my interests and what I was looking for. She kept in contact with me multiple times, checking in to see if I needed anything and getting information about the progress of the dates.

Richard, 36

I had a chance to work with Kristen and couldn’t say enough great things about her. She was professional, honest, responsive, and a great listener.

Malcolm, 41

Working with Krissy and Devyn was like having your girlfriends pre-screen all your online matches, except they truly understand what you're looking for and are approaching it without any bias.

Amelia, 36

Though I didn't find my fiance through Three Day Rule, I believe it was in part Krissy's guidance that put me on my path to finding him - and I'm so thankful for him every day! I wholly recommend Three Day Rule for anyone feeling discouraged and burn

Christy, 35

Working with Krissy was a seamless experience. Being extremely busy and focused on my career, it was helpful knowing she was saving me time by searching for potential matches.

Chase, 36

I work with Three Day Rule and I’m grateful for them. I’ve been working with Krissy who has top-notch communication skills, is genuine, and has contagious positive energy. I definitely recommend Three Day Rule. They’re a fantastic partner.

Jack, 40

My experience working with Kristen was an absolute pleasure. Throughout the process, I developed an even better sense of what I was looking for out of a partner, leading me to the relationship I'm currently in!

Louise, 28

I was also impressed with my Matchmaker Krissy's ability to hone in on what I am looking for. This process also saved me a bunch of time compared to using apps.

Dean, 26

Kristen really cares about the people she sets on dates and genuinely wants people to find their perfect match. I recommend Kristen and Three Day Rule to anyone who is looking for a serious relationship.

Derek, 36

Had a wonderful experience with Three Day Rule!! Kristen was great to work with; she always made me feel like I was a priority. Three Day Rule really takes the time to get to know their clients. Highly recommend!!

Alyson, 30

I truly enjoyed working with Krissy. She developed very early on a good sensibility about the types of guys I would match with. I appreciated not having to go through profiles and profiles of guys after work or on weekends and being able to relax.

Betty, 43

Krissy was incredibly thorough and detailed with every single interaction the two of us had from start to finish. I felt she really listened to the things that were important to me and helped me grow through this experience. I highly recommend her!

Chelsea, 30

Working with Krissy was truly a pleasure. She was in my corner while navigating the dating world; and Krissy is a tremendous resource in that regard. I found her insight, experience and encouragement invaluable and would recommend her to everyone!

Alex, 33

I had a wonderful experience with Kristen. I was impressed with the entire organization from the matchmaker and photographer to the dating coach. I felt cared for and understood and received great dating advice. I would highly recommend!

Sue, 56

I’m in an amazing relationship thanks to Krissy, and I would highly recommend Three Day Rule to anyone who is looking for a deep connection.

Amanda, 38

Three Day Rule was incredible to work with. They were proactive, patient, and had my best interests in mind at all times. Best of all, they set me up with an amazing woman whom I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I am really excited about our future together!

Thomas, 39

Why waste time, when you can have a professional go on your first date and ask the tough questions we all want to know right off the bat? Three Day Rule's changed how I feel about dating in NYC in the most positive of ways. Thank you Krissy!

Rachel, 35
Amy, 39
Victor, 58

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Krissy is how I met my now fiance! My Matchmaker was thorough and genuinely cared about me & my experience! I am so grateful a service like this exists to help busy, professional women! I have referred numerous people to Three Day Rule as well.
Heather, 30
Evan, 32
Matthew, 41
Krissy exceeded my expectations! Her advice changed the way I approached dating and without her guidance, I wouldn't be engaged to who she matched me with! Krissy truly cares, is an excellent communicator, and is incredible at what she does.
Elliot, 42
Ila, 38
Brianne, 32

Krissy took the time to get to know me and understand the qualities I was looking for in a match. She was very accessible and helpful when I needed her opinion on certain situations. Krissy made this a fun experience!

Dan, 32

Krissy was super great to work with, and I was amazed by the matches she got me - She really listened to what I was looking for and delivered. I'd recommend TDR to anyone looking for personal growth and change when it comes to dating.

Racheal, 33

I highly recommend working with Krissy at TDR, especially if you are a busy working professional in NYC and have grown tired of the swipes and are seeking a customized/individually tailored, VIP experience!

Diana, 35