Nada Rifai


With over 15 years of experience in Matchmaking, coaching and entrepreneurship, Nada’s skill-set is a natural fit for Three Day Rule. Nada’s career has displayed a level of hustle and grit that makes her an amazing Matchmaker, and the hardworking advocate that you want in your corner.

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Charlotte, 42

A Matchmaking Expert

A true “people enthusiast”, Nada believes that every person she meets has a story worth telling and feels honored that she spends her life learning the backstory of people and pairing them with like-minded, compatible partners.

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Barbie, 33
Michael, 41
Jazmin, 40

Your Personal Wingwoman

Nada is truly passionate about growing love and making connections. Her clients have described her as truthful, direct, non-judgmental, experienced, and authentic. She has an earnest desire to provide her clients with as much support and success as possible.

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After working with Nada, I can't imagine going back to online dating. The dates she's selected for me have been very aligned with my preferences - eons better than what a dating app could ever do! Work with Nada, you won't regret it!

Julia, 27

I had a great experience working with Nada. She took the time to really understand what I was looking for. My girlfriend was my second match! Thanks, Nada.

Nikhil, 34

Three Day Rule is worth the investment. I appreciate that I can focus my time and energy on showing up, having fun with the process, and making quality connections with cool people I might not otherwise meet. Thank You, Nada, for making dating fun.

Connie, 44

I am confident that I am on the right track working with Nada. She has done an exceptional job matching me. I think this is a much better way to spend your time and money looking for a partner compared with the regular dating apps.

Ashley, 35

Nada from Three Day Rule seems to have matchmaking in her DNA. Her intake process was thorough and she asked thoughtful questions to get to know me. She also provided helpful guidance along the way.

Katherine, 41

Working with a Matchmaker that filters for my preferences is a big pro. The men I have met through Nada are all high quality, good matches who are relationship and marriage-oriented (something that is important to me).

Michelle, 32

When I decided that I wanted help with dating, Nada was the first person that came to mind and the only person I wanted to work with. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of...

Savannah, 36

Michal and Nada are a great team. They found quality matches and checked in on you along the whole process. I would highly recommend this team and organization.

Jill, 47

Nada helps me cut to the chase and identify quality men to go on dates with. She helps me rethink how I date, why I date, who I should/would like to date and how I could grow a relationship. Three Day Rule can make the magic!

Leila, 49
If you’re looking for your future partner who is meant to be and you’re single and looking in the Philadelphia area, look no further because TDR has the talents to lead you into the direction of happiness and success in your journey!
Varun, 38
Amanda, 42

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