Elisa Del Castillo


Positive and with strong intuition, Elisa has always had an understanding and natural ability to connect with others. Her kind nature allows her clients to be their true selves, while her sound advice helps them to open their eyes and heart while dating.

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A Matchmaking Expert

Elisa has the ability to build authentic relationships and help people unlock their full potential as empathetic, loving, and genuine partners. She deeply connects with each person she meets to get to the core of what they want and need in a partner.

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Elisa Knows Dating And Relationships

From flirting tips to heart-to-heart feedback, Elisa will help to get you to the finish line while having fun along the way. Her focus continues to be on her clients' needs and surpassing their expectations.

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Testimonials for Elisa

Sandra, 37

Thank you Elisa!

More than just getting a date, Elisa's support and communication through several first dates and then actually dating really helped me understand how to 'date better', not just more.

Nick, 40
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Lora, 38

What I have gained from this experience is knowing what I’m looking for and what I’m not. I appreciate all Elisa's coaching during these couple months.

Debbie, 30

I have nothing but positive things to say about Talia Goldstein and Elisa Del Castillo...their advice, guidance, and matches have been invaluable to me and I very much appreciate their work. I highly recommend working with Three Day Rule!

Evan, 34

Elisa introduced me to some exceptional women who were just my type. I also enjoyed receiving the feedback from Elisa after the dates. I highly recommend Three Day Rule and working with Elisa if you are able to do so.

Tony, 51
Karisa, 34
Joe, 40
Kristo, 47
Ariel, 33
Lucas, 46
Emily, 40
I am eternally grateful for Elisa helping me achieve what I never thought was possible for me and that was to find the love of my life with my first match who is now my fiancé! I could not have been happier working with Elisa!
Maria, 42

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