Lauren Daddis

Nationwide VIP Matchmaker

Lauren is a strong believer that we all come with a story. She adores working with her clients as an advocate and friend to guide them through the process with positivity and warmth, making her a fantastic Matchmaker and wing-woman.

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Jane, 31
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A Relationship Expert

As an experienced Matchmaker with a background in publicity, she is a true expert at connecting with people and really understanding what they truly want and need and who they authentically are.

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My match is so freaking amazing...

I thought I was going to maybe get a cool boyfriend or husband out of Three Day Rule. If anything a fun story, (which it had been!), but Lauren matched me with a man who is beyond my wildest dreams in life, creativity, style, travel, and business.

Lindsay, 36
Lindsay & Izi, In A Relationship

Relatable & Trustworthy

Lauren is an expert at keeping it real with a gentle yet candid way of being transparent and working with her clients to learn and grow. Lauren’s clients find her relatable, trustworthy, and dedicated with a strong knowledge of the current dating landscape.

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David, 31
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I met the love of my life through Three Day Rule!

Allie, 39. Married.

Trust your Matchmaker. These are the experts, they are born to do this... I did and I ended up meeting the love of my life.

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Allie, 39. Married.

The women I met were lovely, successful, and refined! My last match Christine is beyond a dream come true, because I never would have dared to dream of a woman like her... And I never would have met her if it wasn’t for Three Day Rule!

Chris, 54

Thanks to Three Day Rule, I’ve met a man who has swept me off my feet. She listened to what I was looking for in a man when I didn't know Chris even existed. I am so grateful Three Day Rule came into my life - they truly know what they are doing!

Christine, 31

Three Day Rule was incredible to work with. They were proactive, patient, and had my best interests in mind at all times. Best of all, they set me up with an amazing woman whom I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I am really excited about our future together!

Thomas, 39
Paul, 50
Michelle, 52