Makaela Van


A passionate and dedicated Matchmaker, Makaela has been Matchmaking for years. She digs deep with each client, honing in and highlighting the most authentic version of each member she works with. Makaela is perceptive, curious and very engaged in the work she does.

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Eileen, 37

A Nationwide Expert

Makaela believes that just like every individual, each match contains multitudes. She celebrates diversity and inclusivity in every facet of her life and is passionate about connection and intellectual stimulation. Makaela provides a matchmaking experience with a personalized approach to finding quality matches that focuses on the values one seeks in a partner.

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Makaela is an expert at being the heart's bodyguard -- advocating both for what one already knows they want, and what they might be missing out on. She continuously dives into self-growth and additional education in order to continue to level up her “study of love” throughout her career.

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It was probably the best investment I've ever made.

Wendy & Corey, Married

I’m thrilled I did Three Day Rule; it was probably the best investment I’ve ever made. Three Day Rule is so different... It's such a smarter way to approach such a big, big decision in your life.

Wendy & Corey, Married
Layman , 46

Makaela was attentive, intentional and truly saw me. I am currently still with my match (it's been 7 months).

Sekai, 36

After a few set-ups, Makaela found the perfect woman for me. I like that she interviewed potential matches, gave me friendly advice, and followed up to see how things were going. I highly recommend Makaela!

Mark, 64

Makaela Van was a was a perfect match for me. She was patient, compassionate, and a true cheerleader. Overall such a positive experience. I'm happy to say my third match is my boyfriend and our future is bright.

Melissa, 42
David, 32