Tess Noto


Tess is a skilled Matchmaker, who has been in the industry for years. She loves building strong bonds with her clients and helping them to reach their dating goals. The key to Tess' success: her rare combination of empathetic sensitivity, creativity, and task-oriented drive.

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A Matchmaking Expert

Tess is always keeping tabs on the coolest new bars, restaurants, and events and gets just as excited as her clients for their dates. As an old-soul romantic, she's eager to find amazing matches and make solid love connections for her clients.

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Sylvia, 39

We Do The Vetting For You

Skip the apps and meet quality dates. Instead of going on hundreds of dates with people who don't fit what you are looking for, join our exclusive network, and get introduced to matches worth your time.

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Jake, 34
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Jason, 47

I can’t recommend Three Day Rule highly enough for anyone who’s serious about meeting someone special. The service I got was, honestly, helpful well beyond just introducing me to the most wonderful man who I married!

Kat, 29

I liked Three Day Rule because it went a step beyond what you can get with online matching engines. My dates with Three Day Rule were definitely of better quality and I met my wife. It worked for me.

Corey, 38

Every match I met through Three Day Rule was a great person who I got along with, and every date was enjoyable. It was a much different experience than the countless messaging and swiping of online apps.

Tomas, 43

I met the love of my life through Three Day Rule!

Allie. 39, Married

Trust your Matchmaker. These are the experts, they are born to do this... I did and I ended up meeting the love of my life.

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Allie. 39, Married
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