Sanyika Calloway

Dating & Relationship Coach

Sanyika is a dating coach, published author, skilled speaker, trainer, and facilitator. Her unique communication skills, training in Psychology, and ability to dig deep define Sanyika's coaching style - from intimate one-on-one settings to speaking to millions on live national television.

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Sanyika Is A Partner In The Journey

Sanyika's relational “sweet spot” is coaching strong successful women who are intentional about finding love and ready to explore their part in the journey. She is an expert at helping accomplished women embody and embrace femininity to find the partner and love they want.

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Focusing On Human Growth & Personal Development

Sanyika's background also spans both corporate and entrepreneurial through several industries and countries allowing her to connect with her highly successful and worldly clients. She is deeply passionate about human growth and personal development. Sanyika feels lucky to support savvy, successful, and courageous women as their coach in finding love.

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