Callie Harris


Callie's Matchmaking career started in Washington, DC, where she remains one of the city's top Matchmakers. After helping launch Three Day Rule's DC branch in 2014, Callie developed a reputation getting to know each client like a friend while providing the insight and intuition of an expert.

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Callie has connected many successful relationships, engagements, and marriages - a few clients even recently had babies! As one of Three Day Rule's most seasoned matchmakers, she's become a trusted and sought after expert far beyond her DC roots.

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I can't even put into words how amazing our first date was...

I was honestly at a point where I was afraid I would never find anyone compatible, and I'm so grateful for my experience with Callie. Callie is truly amazing at what she does and my partner and I are both so thankful for her hard work.

Megan, 33
Megan & Brendan, Married

Working with Callie was hands down the best decision I've ever made.

Without Callie's intuition, expertise, advice and guidance, and Three Day Rule's expansive network of quality singles, I would have never met my wife Sarah.

Jason, 37
Jason & Sarah, Married

Callie Was Right

I work (a lot!), most of my friends are in long-term relationships or married, and I am just too old to hit the bars. But, I was interested in finding a new relationship. A Matchmaker sounded like just the ticket.

Marie, 50
Marie & Evan, Married

I met someone truly special!

Callie brought genuine energy and excitement to every conversation, worked to understand my feedback on each match, and ultimately led me to meet someone truly special. I could not be more thankful for Callie and her partnership in this process.

Dylan, 46
Julia & Dylan, Engaged

Callie was great to work with!

On the second date, Callie ended up matching me with someone that could not be more perfect for me. We are married and are both so happy I joined Three Day Rule!

James, 32
James & Beth, Married

Callie Is The Expert You Want On Your Side

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FFFTV's Meet The Matchmakers

Callie's Featured Press

You want it to be very obvious who you are and what you have to offer. Read More
When I sit down with people, I get to know about them. It's the human element that people are searching for. Read More
We hear from a lot of singles that it's a huge turn off when right off the bat someone has lied about their age or their height. Be truthful. Be you. Read More

Testimonials For Callie

Antonia, 49
In a Relationship

When I signed up for this I never expected to meet anyone as special as Brian. When I first separated from my ex, I was convinced nobody would ever date me at all. I absolutely never thought I would ever love again, or feel loved back - AND I HAVE!!!

Nicole, 36

Everyone I met through Three Day Rule was lovely but my final match from Callie was a match to last a lifetime.

Rachel, 37

Most importantly, Callie found me amazing matches whom I never would have met on my own – including a wonderful woman I’ve been dating for several months! Callie’s an incredible Matchmaker and I’d recommend her (and Three Day Rule) to anyone.

Joshua, 40

My dear friends found out about Callie and Three Day Rule and convinced me to try it out. And I'm sure glad they did - meeting Callie is like a breath of fresh air!

Leigh, 39

Fairly early on, Callie introduced me to Chris and we've been together for about four months! In addition to having good instincts and an amazing network, Callie was the objective set of eyes and ears that I needed.

Alicia, 39

Three Day Rule basically provided a monthly-man-in-my-inbox, and Callie was so good about checking in, providing feedback, and sending encouraging thoughts.

Martha, 36

It's so comforting to know I'm in really capable hands with Callie, and I can tell Three Day Rule's process attracts people that are intentional when it comes to dating. That in and of itself, is a huge value-add!

Alison, 31

So far my experience with Three Day Rule (with Callie as my Matchmaker) has been exactly what I hoped for. I've met five matches, and all were smart, funny, caring, successful women who were looking for the same things from a relationship as I am.

Theo, 35

Every moment I spent with Callie felt like more fulfilling and well-spent than all the times I had ever spent on the dating apps. They just don't work well and you get sucked in. With Callie, our work together felt productive without wasting time.

Jason, 33

My experience with Callie has been like a breath of fresh air, and a fun, new approach to dating. Highly recommend and know I am in totally capable hands with Callie!

Kendra, 30

My experience with Callie and Three Day Rule started a couple of years ago and has been positive and productive for my dating life. All of the women Callie has matched me with have been personally vetted, and it definitely shows.

Peter, 35

Callie is a total champion for her clients, and I can't imagine a scenario where someone that works with her doesn't benefit from her passion, energy, and expertise in some way. Highly recommend.

Phil, 42

Having someone like Callie and Three Day Rule vetting potential matches made me feel very secure in agreeing to see someone. If they passed the Callie test, then there is something positive and exciting there.

Braden, 49

Newly divorced, and more than a little skittish, I was grateful to Callie and the Three Day Rule team for helping me 'get back out there'. Callie took the pain out of the process and was a great cheerleader and motivator.

Erin, 60

Working with Callie was a fun and enlightening experience. She's warm, non-judgmental, and you can really tell she's an expert!

Merritt, 37