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Carla Romo

Dating Strategist

From finding “the one” to toxic relationship patterns, Carla helps empower those who feel stuck and stagnant by building purpose and confidence in their dating lives. Carla's coaching approach of self-love guides her clients through discovering their authentic self and gives them a deep sense of awareness and self-worth they can bring to romantic relationships. A motivational speaker and activist, Carla has been featured in Bustle, Romper, and Thought Catalogue. She is an appointed official serving on the West Hollywood Women's Advisory Board, a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and has completed a Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) training program through iPEC.

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Kara Laricks

LGBTQ+ Dating Strategist

Kara is an educator, public speaker, writer, editor, and fashion designer - as well as a member and advocate of the LGBTQ+ community. She is passionate about the power of human connection, and her passion for the community's safety and happiness drives her to work with others in their journey toward fulfilling long-term relationships. Kara volunteers her time teaching yoga at her local LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Center. And as the winner of NBC's Fashion Star, she worked with H&M, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, before showing her private collection at New York Fashion Week. Kara provides genuine, compassionate, and honest guidance, building individuals' strengths both from the outside in and the inside out.

Alexis Sclamberg

Dating Strategist

Alexis Sclamberg is a love coach, speaker, co-founder of a personal growth company, and author of the upcoming book "Tired of Dating and Sick of Waiting? Do This!". She contributes essays to publications including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Shape, and The Huffington Post, and is regularly featured on the radio, including NPR. A former lawyer, Alexis has been called the “manifestation master of her generation” and is known for turning complex scientific facts into simple tools for manifestation. She is an Instructor at Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies and a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Rachel Perlstein

Dating Strategist

Rachel is a Dating & Relationship Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, and former Matchmaker for Three Day Rule. Rachel's secret to dating success is helping clients turn insight into action. Rachel works with people to embrace their authentic self and overcome the obstacles and dating patterns that have kept them from actualizing their relationship goals. She has seen time and time again that once clients feel confident, identify the obstacles that stand in their way and adapt a growth-oriented mindset, they achieve dating success. Rachel truly believes that everyone deserves to find the relationship they want, and she loves putting people back in control of their dating lives. Rachel has been featured in Brit & Co, Bustle, Fatherly, Upjourney, Zoosk, and

Caitlin Cooper

Dating, Health, and Wellness Strategist

Caitlin Cooper is a dating strategist, licensed health coach, meditation teacher, and NLP + hypnosis practitioner. She used her experience as a TDR Matchmaker to create a unique blend of these skills for her relationship ready course and methodology. Her straightforward approach guides the modern dater through the shifts in online dating, the differences between men and women, and focuses her clients on becoming the best version of themselves so they can get exactly what they want. She has contributed to publications like ELLE, Mind Body Green, Elite Daily, Refinery 29, Bustle, Thrillist, and lives with her husband in NY.

Anna Shumway

Dating Strategist

Anna's graduate education in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, along with her previous experience as a Lead Matchmaker provides her with a unique style of dating and relationship coaching. Her grounded, compassionate, light-hearted nature coupled with her direct approach makes her easy to talk to, and her guidance even easier to follow. She’s an extrovert in every sense of the word, and her passion for connection shines from the moment you meet her- especially when it comes to helping people discover and maintain lasting love.

Connell Barrett

Dating Strategist

Connell’s dating philosophy in one word? Authenticity. He shows men how to channel their most authentic, confident selves so that they can connect with amazing women. “On a date, the typical man wears a mask,” Connell says. “He either acts cool and aloof or he tries too hard, and this waters down his most attractive trait: his true personality. When he’s vulnerable and real, he becomes his most appealing self.” After doing hard time in the friend zone, Connell spent a decade training with top dating and self-development experts before starting A self-described cross between Hitch and Tony Robbins, Connell has helped hundreds of guys become better daters and better men. He’s been featured on FOX News, iHeartRadio and AOL, and in the pages of Maxim and TimeOut New York.

Nando Rodriguez

Breakthrough Coach and Dating Strategist

Nando Rodriguez is a powerful and sought-after Breakthrough and Dating Strategist in New York City transforming singles, celebrities, influencers, and creative's lives by helping them access their blindspots. He works to help his clients shed limiting beliefs so they can find a new sense of freedom and ease in dating. Nando's coaching is rooted in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). The process involves helping his clients let go of past relationship failures as well as becoming aware of their needs vs wants - helping them hit the reset button on dating. This methodology is designed to empower people’s natural ability of self-discovery to consistently produce breakthrough results. All that is just fancy talk for: Nando helps his clients transform their mindset, actions, and lives!

Thomas Edwards

Professional Wingman and Dating Strategist

Thomas Edwards founded The Professional Wingman® to help singles find long-term relationships by developing their social skills through experiential coaching. A leading expert in dating, relationships, and lifestyle development - peers and media have deemed him the “real-life Hitch.” His knowledge and unique perspective have been featured in over 400 international media outlets, including Men’s Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Playboy, the New York Times, MTV and the Steve Harvey Show. He lives with his wife of 3 years and his baby girl.

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Rick Clemons

LGBTQ+ Dating Strategist

Rick Clemons is the Author of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, Host of The Coming Out Lounge podcast, certified life and relationship coach, TEDx Speaker, world record holder, and a guy who’s helped 1000’s of people in over 50 countries across the globe make bold moves in their lives to be fully self-expressed in life, love, and careers. His specialty is working with individuals whose dating and relationships need a fresh start after major life transitions - divorce, coming out, empty nest breakups, widowhood, and relationships that took the back burner to career aspirations. Rick's holistic approach focuses on the whole person, not just the dating and relationship aspects of their life. Straight-forward, insightful, intuitive, Rick helps clients uncover their truths about love and relationships, redesign what's not working, and showcase what is working without apologies.

Elysia Skye

Life and Wellness Coach

Elysia Skye is an internationally certified life and wellness coach, specializing in mindfulness. Her philosophy: “When you start to honor your true self you lead from your heart (not your mind) and your life begins to transform.” Her clients learn to be present, to clearly hear their intuition to make better decisions, and simple meditation techniques to reduce anxiety, stress, and the overwhelming fear of not feeling worthy of love. She’s been featured in Consumer Health Digest, Health Breakthroughs, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, the Sound Mind & Body Podcast, Defeating Depression Podcast and the Everyone Is Psychic Podcast. She has officiated over 1000 weddings, coaching her clients to the wedding of their dreams. Elysia is blissfully married and calls both Los Angeles, CA and Nasvhille, TN home.

Bree Jacoby

Stylist - LA and NYC

Bree Jacoby is a Los Angeles native with a splash of East Coast mentality and spunk. She specializes in personal brand consulting for busy, successful men and women. Bree's been an entrepreneur since she was 13 years old, and by 20, she was managing and building up retail businesses in Los Angeles and New York City. Bree fiercely believes her clients shouldn't have to think about how to dress. Her goal is to increase her clients success while helping them to look their best - giving her clients the confidence to own any situation they walk into, whether it be a business meeting or casual drinks.

Goldie Rush

Stylist - NYC and LA

Goldie Rush is an aesthetics expert based in NYC and LA. She works as a fashion designer, stylist, and image consultant utilizing her stylistic intuition and naturally caring nature to change people's lives. She has styled famous bands for appearances on shows such as MTV and SNL. Goldie is known for her innate ability to bring someone's hidden self to the surface. She performs miraculous personal style transformations that boost self confidence and focuses on the power of attraction.

Marisa Meloski

Stylist - Boston

With 10+ years of experience in the Boston fashion scene, Marisa has a wealth of product, trend, and fit knowledge. Her vast experience with clients of all genders, ages, lifestyles, and body types has given her the ability to quickly evaluate a client’s needs and execute a style action plan, ensuring the best fit for the client’s body type and lifestyle. She has worked in visual merchandizing for brands including Madewell, J Crew, The North Face, Puma and Vans and enjoys styling photo shoots, fashion shows, and music videos throughout Boston. Marisa prides herself on building a personal brand and image for all of her clients - one that instills confidence and pride.

Dating Strategy Services

  • Identify

    Work closely with an expert TDR dating strategist to identify your priority areas to become a better dater.
  • Strategize

    Learn the appropriate and most effective methods for overcoming your biggest barriers to having a fulfilling love life.
  • Apply

    Receive on-going feedback and coaching as you apply your learnings to your relationships and dating life and start to experience meaningful results.
"I'm not sure where I'd be without Alexis. Before I started working with her I was frustrated and exhausted -- I had been single for 7 years and was so over dating. It felt like I was doing something wrong but I didn’t know what. Alexis helped me get clear about what I wanted, and made me realize how I was standing in my own way. I honestly didn’t even realize what I was doing was sabotaging my own success. What I liked most about working with Alexis was that she gave me really clear strategies that actually worked. And they didn’t just shift things in dating but in my life in general. I think they made me a better person. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now and we just started shopping for engagement rings. Alexis told me in our first session that a few tweaks could really change things - I wanted to believe her…and she was RIGHT!!"
Allison, 41
I went to Anna to try to understand how two long-term relationships I had been in broke down due to a lack of chemistry. I was losing confidence in my ability to determine romantic chemistry where it existed. Anna helped me attune my communication with potential romantic partners. She also gave me more confidence to ask questions about lifestyle, romance, and family that I had become hesitant to ask fearing that they would push a potential romantic partner away. I am now happily in another long-term relationship thanks to these improved communication skills. Thanks Anna!
Max, 32

Dating Strategy Sessions

1 introductory session (50 minutes)
  • Introductory consultation to meet your expert dating strategist and experience a personalized dating strategy session first-hand.
2 sessions (50 minutes each)
  • Initial, in-depth consultation to determine priority areas to focus on.
  • One personalized strategy session with your expert dating strategist to begin addressing your needs.
10 sessions (50 minutes each)
  • Initial, in-depth consultation to determine priority areas to focus on.
  • One personalized strategy session with your expert dating strategist to begin addressing your needs.
  • On-going feedback and coaching to help you apply the theory into practice.
  • All sessions are done remotely (via Skype) to ensure flexibility in scheduling.

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