Alisa Rajkitkul


With years of experience as a Matchmaker and certified holistic relationship coach, Alisa brings a wealth of knowledge into her work with each of her clients. She loves helping clients in their journey of growth and finding satisfaction in their love lives.

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Intuitive And Goal-Oriented

Alisa encourages her clients to think about all aspects of their well-being and how it fits into the relationship they envision. Alisa works to guide her clients toward actionable steps that lead to a fulfilling future in their relationships. She is intuitive and ensures her clients feel heard, and understood in the process - this also allows her to get to the core of what they need in a partner.

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Dedicated Matchmaker

Alisa is an expert at helping her clients recognize their inherent worth and gain clarity on what aspects are thriving and what might need improvement in their dating journey. She makes long-lasting connections with her clients and can’t wait to help them find their person. Above all, Alisa wants to help every client create the love life they have dreamed of.

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Three Day Rule singlehandedly changed my life for the better! I used to be fixed up constantly, but with all the wrong men. Then, thanks to the spot-on instincts of Talia, I met the man of my dreams and finally went on my LAST first date!

Allie, 39

I work (a lot!), most of my friends are in long-term relationships or married, and I am just too old to hit the bars. But, I was interested in finding a new relationship. A Matchmaker sounded like just the ticket.

Marie, 50

Thankfully, there is a place like Three Day Rule with professionals to save you from dating hell and help bring love into your life...My wife and I feel lucky to have found each other through Three Day Rule.

David, 37