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As a naturally empathetic, curious, positive person, Simone brings fun and joy to the matchmaking process. She works hard to set each of her clients up for success. She is a keen judge of character and gives genuine and insightful advice to everyone she works with.

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Simone is an experienced Matchmaker and has been matchmaking professionally for years. She is passionate about working with clients from all walks of life.

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If in need of dating encouragement, Simone knows just what to say and always provides helpful tips. She gives the best advice and helps her clients avoid sweating the small stuff. She is an “immaculate hype woman for all things related to romance!”

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Jacob, 51

Testimonials for Simone

Vaughn, 44

The TDR process put my head and heart in the right place for love. Thank you Simone!

Maryann , 34

Simone is incredibly passionate about what she does. It is her true calling in life to help others find their resonant soul, and I always felt she was deeply and personally invested in outcome of our great endeavor.

Jedd , 51

Simone is simply SPECTACULAR. She has terrific instincts and spent the time getting to know me. She recently introduced me to someone who I could not be happier with!

Sean, 53

Simone made the entire process feel natural and fun vs transactional and awkward. I was always reluctant to consider a matchmaking service, but after working with Simone, everything was so easy and exciting. I wished I had found her sooner!

Chad, 51

Working with Simone connects me with amazing women without me having to spend any time, helps me fine-tune what I am looking for, and is a great solution for me.

Shawn, 32

Working with Simone was amazing! I met some really great women and learned a lot about what I’m looking for vs. what’s right for me.

Troy, 40

After 10 years of app dating it took just 3 months of working with Simone at Three Day Rule to find an incredible partner and best friend. She did an amazing job for me and I could not be happier to have found a partner.

Mark, 51

Working with Simone has been fantastic - it's like having a dating fast pass that lets you skip the awkward phase of approaching someone new and skip right to getting to know them. It's enough to make you ask how and why you ever dated any other way!

Jack, 38

Simone has introduced me to people whom I fell for at first sight. All while not trying to change me to fit some mold. Working with Simone has been a privilege and a highlight of my year.

Liam, 34

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Simone took the time to get to know me. I am confident that anyone who uses her to find love will be pleased to have a professional, competent, and caring matchmaker in their corner.

Alex, 33

With Simone's insight, intuition, and unwavering commitment to her clients' happiness, you're sure to find the love of your life. Thanks to Simone's expertise and diligence, I found myself in a relationship that surpasses all my wildest dreams.

Nina, 46

I had an AMAZING experience with Simone. I am in an exclusive relationship with a great match (yay Simone Great pick). Simone is very positive, provides feedback, and gives great advice, I would refer her to anyone.

Leonardo, 30