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What It's Like To Go On Bad First Dates For A Living

Bad first dates suck. Imagine if you could hire someone to go on them for you.

Every day I get the pleasure of meeting with incredible...

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6 Steps To Creating A Dating Support System

There are moments in our lives that can be nerve-racking: a dream job interview, giving a public speech, and starting to date someone who...

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What Makes You Tick?

As matchmakers, we spend our days meeting tons of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who confide in us what they're looking for, and ta...

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I'm Too Busy

As matchmakers, we meet with lots of interesting, accomplished people with varied interests and lifestyles. They often share one common t...

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4 Biggest Dating Myths

Dating should be fun and exciting — but instead it often feels like a mythical adventure that we are forced to navigate. There are “rules...