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Hey Guys! Doing A Dating Photoshoot? Here Are 10 Tips That Can Help

We know, we know - you hate getting in front of the camera. Most men are not thrilled by the idea of a photoshoot, let alone a photoshoot...

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Why Do Women Want To Date Themselves?

At Three Day Rule, we work with many women who are smart, successful, and ambitious. We love working with them, and setting them up can b...

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The Top 3 Things A Guy Can Do To Win Her Over

"What can I do to get her to like me??" This is a common question that I've heard more than frequently from my guy friends, clients, and ...

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6 Things Guys Need To Immediately Stop Doing In Dating Profiles

As many of us have come to find, being an amazing man doesn’t always translate to having an amazing dating profile (and vice versa). Some...

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6 Best Places To Pick Up Women In NYC

It’s ironic that in a congested place like New York City, people can wind up feeling totally isolated. It’s hard to find a shop or a stre...