Best Places to Meet Women in Philly

When you think of Philadelphia, you may think of the birthplace of America, cheesesteaks and sports — where it’s always sunny and, of course, filled with brotherly love!

But for single guys, it can be a really challenging place to find where the best women are hiding.

If you’re over the dating apps and you’re looking to make a good ol’ connection with someone in person, look no further.

For a city that is so full of life, it may be shocking to hear that fewer and fewer singles are interacting in person, even though they are out and about.

I’ve personally checked out and vetted every spot I’m about to send your way, so fear not single men of Philadelphia.

Let’s start with Happy Hours. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about women, is we LOVE our happy hours. Many of the women I regularly connect with, are less excited about meeting a stranger on an app for a night out but will drop everything for some good ambience, a cocktail or mocktail, opportunity to catch up with friends and maybe even land a great date (YOU!). Plus, Philly is a city whose happy hour scene is celebrated and always growing! Many of the below have happy hour between 4-7pm, Monday through Friday, with a vibrant crowd that sticks around well after the specials have ended. Side note, some even have happy hour 7-days a week…the possibilities are endless. Even if you work a busy 9-5, there are no excuses!

The Goat
As their website boasts, The Goat Rittenhouse is a neighborhood bar focusing on approachable modern classic food and drinks. And approachable, it is. From the ambience, to the people, it really is just good vibes. Pro tip - there are typically groups of women hanging by the bar during the work week. With an elegant marble bar, TVs and a pool table, the classy yet sporty energy you’ll find at The Goat makes it an easy place to find something to connect over. So come for a sporting game but stay for good conversation, bites, and a connection!

Loch Bar
Now, Loch Bar is one of my favorites on this list. Brand new to the vibrant Avenue of the Arts, women flock to Loch Bar for their fresh seafood, unmatched happy hour menu, and convenient location pre-theater show. Just across the street from the Kimmel center, I myself have met dozens of women here and, alas, many single! On top of that, Loch Bar has live music every night of the week from their speakeasy style bar. A little live music does wonders to boost romance and ambience. Fun matchmaker fact - attraction often starts between the ears.

Pearl and Mary Oyster Bar
Pearl and Mary’s location is enough of a reason to stop in. Located in the very happening 13th street, their ambience, warm staff, and incredible food, make this a go-to place for single women after a busy work day. And if you think women don’t want to turn work mode off, and have a handsome stranger send over a drink from the other side of the bar - then you clearly need to give it a go.

Viny is a live music venue which also offers brunch, happy hour, and a busy dinner scene. I highly recommend Vinyl if dancing is your thing, and the idea of seducing a woman with your best moves under disco lights with a live DJ is exactly what you’re looking for! Vinyl tends to get especially busy on the weekends, so choose a day of the week that best suits you!

Harp and Crown
A Michael Shulson restaurant which not only has a warm and inviting atmosphere but delicious food with seasonal ingredients which makes grabbing a drink at the bar, followed by tasteful appetizers something you’ll want to do! They have a great brunch buffet, awesome happy hour and cocktail bar, and one of the major highlights - an incredible lounge and two-lane bowling alley beneath the main room! For men who like to do something a little more interactive - Harp and Crown is it!

The Ranstead Room
Another STARR Restaurant Group hit - intimate, dark, and moody, The Ranstead Room is where you’ll find all that date-night energy that will set you up for chemistry. If you’re looking for a first-date spot, The Ranstead room is impressive and romantic - while also giving you the confidence one may find dining at a Stephen Starr operation. To enter, look for the dark double R marked doors or ask to be escorted down for drinks through Starr's adjoining Mexican concept, El Rey. Open from 7pm-2am for those later nights!

El Vez
Bright, flashy, and full of life - it’s tough not to have fun or mingle at El Vez. Another hit located on 13th street, El Vez is a unique experience where many singles go if they’re looking to have a fun-filled night. Not only can you dance and enjoy happy hour margaritas, but El Vez hosts a variety of events and live performances for different holidays which is always a good opportunity to bring people together and meet someone new.

The atmosphere at Continental Mid-town is 10/10. Similar to the appearance of a diner from the outside, Continental is contemporary and actually a great place for a martini – and a wide range of cuisines. You’ll find this place buzzing on a Saturday night, so check out one of their many bars but I recommend checking out their rooftop lounge area which is usually very busy with groups of women - shoot your shot!

Speaking of rooftops -shout out too both Assembly and Stratus lounge. You’ll find Assembly lounge set atop of the rooftop of the Logan Hotel, with lavish decor and a gorgeous view. Again, impressive and matchmaker approved for a first date or a great place to meet someone. Stratus lounge is an awesome rooftop bar in Old City, which usually hosts DJ’s so while it’s an awesome place to dance, have a few bites, great cocktails and meet people, it can get quite packed and may require a reservation (especially if there is an event going on).
Pro tip - don’t shy away from rooftops during the fall and winter seasons. Many of these spots adapt and even put together a cool theme with great fire-place seated options.

Let’s talk about Fishtown - R&D is a sexy vibe, which is a stand out cocktail lounge for singles who are looking for a cocktail before a dinner or a nightcap. Side note, the service is great and with the seasonal decor - this place gets quite busy. It’s an awesome restaurant and bar to meet someone before or after an event!

LMNO is a perfect outdoor space for a brunch date, but I would definitely recommend getting a reservation for a Friday night! With nice decor, music playing, this is an awesome spot for a night out as the vibes are onpoint.

So, let’s transition away from Happy Hours and talk about a few places that are always going to be a hit despite the specials or the hours.

Rouge - I will say less, and just suggest you check this place out on a Friday or Saturday night. With a bar that is usually pretty packed, I have connected with handfuls of singles here, and have connected my male clients with eligible women I’ve met after a fun night at Rouge.

Jean-Georges Philadelphia, the elevator ride to the top of the building is an experience all on it’s own, but located at the Four Seasons Hotel - JG is for the busy professional or the renaissance man who may want to grab a drink after work and notices a beautiful woman at the bar – send her a glass of champagne. This is a popular spot where ladies celebrate, and with the approachable high-top seating, although this place oozes elegance it is still welcoming and a great place to meet someone.

Independence Beer Garden or any of the seasonal Pop-ups that make their way all over Philadelphia - are an easy space to meet someone new or take a date for a fun day out. There are usually games, great food, and a variety of beers, cocktails and soft drinks to choose from. A fun first date spot, but definitely an awesome second date alternative for something fun and active!

For a wide range of ages and non-drinkers, a bar, lounge, or restaurant is definitely not your only option and there are ways to meet likeminded partners. There are always singles events hosted city wide, as well as members only clubs, meet-up groups, and gyms. I have met so many single women at Pilates!

Do you love to dance or cook? Take a class! You’ll meet women who are interested in the same things, it’s a great place to start! Love to bowl? Join a league! Shopping for groceries? The grocery store is filled with women who wish they would meet their forever partner while reaching for an orange.

As a Professional Matchmaker who has set up hundreds of singles, if you’re looking to meet someone different, then go do something different. Be open to connections everywhere you go. If you’re a busy professional, there is still always room for yourself.

And don’t forget about Matchmaking! If you’re interested in being matched with awesome singles across Philly or even nationwide, join our database of intentional daters.