5 Things Girls Don't Tell Their Boyfriends

We all have secrets. Some of them may be secrets we can only tell our friends, family, or no one at all.  Even when you’re in a relationship, there are certain things that are better left unsaid. I know that men have their own share of secrets (like, never telling us the truth about whether we look good or not in those jeans), but here are my two cents on the five things your girl will never tell you.

1) We Secretly Think At Least One of Your Friends is Hot

Of course, we would never say this to your face because we are definitely aware of the competition that exists among men and what your ego means to you. Sure, you guys call each other “bros” and all, but when it comes down to it, we know that you like to feel you’re better than the rest of them. So don’t worry, we won’t tell you to your face that your friend, Brad, has an adorable smile or act on our fantasy about David and his dreamy eyes.   But, don’t think we haven’t noticed…

2) We Stalk Our Exes on Facebook

We’re obviously much happier with you (that’s why we’re dating you, not the ex), but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally check up on our exes.  But, no need to worry…the stalking usually doesn’t last long until it drives us crazy.  He just took his new girl to Paris?! Interesting, let me post MY travel pics when I see that green light next to his name so he’s sure to see how much fun I’m now having! His new girlfriend is gorgeous, works at a Fortune 500 company, and actually seems nice? Ok, fine. Stalking time is over and time to hit the “Block” button.

3) We Flirt With Other Guys

When we are out on the town with our girlfriends, it’s typical for guys to do the approaching, so you can’t expect us to avoid all male contact.  We have to admit that when a guy pays us a compliment or offers to buy us a drink, it makes us feel good to know that we’ve still got it.  It’s just a little harmless flirting and we’re only being courteous when we have fun conversations with them.  Just trust us and don’t act jealous when you see us talking to other men. We’re not giving our number to them or actually interested in taking it further.  Besides, it’s only fair since we know that you guys do the same during your boys’ night outs.

4) We Might Not Like Your Family

It's not easy to find a girl that will get along perfectly well with her boyfriend’s family.  You might have an overly protective mom that asks us a million questions to test whether we have what it takes to be wife material.  Or, you could have a sister that adores you but disapproves of every single girl you bring home.  At the end of the day though, we will put on a brave face and be generous and kind to them.  We get that nobody's family is perfect so we’ll do our best to embrace your family, quirks and all.

5) We Think You Get Too Many Haircuts
Growing up, I remember always feeling shocked after my father came home from a haircut. It was never hard to notice because half of his hair had disappeared. I often wondered why he needed so many haircuts and why he got it cut just a little too short.  This unfortunate trend continued when I started dating guys - most of them continued to prematurely cut their hair. The truth is, most women like guys with more hair in general.  And when we’re dating you, we want to know that you’re going to have a good amount of healthy hair for a while.  So if you feel like you need to get your hair cut tomorrow… maybe wait another couple weeks.

A final note to the gentlemen: whether you agree with these “secrets” or not, just know that these "secrets" are well-intentioned.  At the end of the day, most of us put love and relationships at the top of our priority list, and all we're looking for is a happily ever after to our own love story.

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