9 Warm Weather Date Ideas To Kick Start Your Love Life

Friends, warm summer weather is upon us! Do you know what that means? People are finally finding the motivation to crawl out of their winter hibernation. So, put away that blanket, put on those cute clothes, and get out! It’s the perfect time to meet new people, and who knows -- you might just find your next relationship while you’re at it!

Summer is such a great time to go out on fun dates. Whether you’ve been waiting to ask that crush out or you just want to do something fun with your hunny. Well have no fear because I’m here to tell you 10 great date ideas to try as the temperature starts to rise!

  1. Have a picnic in the park- that’s right! pick out your favorite snack and download some of you favorite tunes. Relaxing in the park is a great way unwind, connect with who you’re with, and to enjoy nature!

  2. Go rollerblading- I know…my idea of a date isn’t making a fool of myself by falling and looking totally clumsy. However, not taking yourself too seriously and keeping things light and fun are so important when getting to know someone. Who knows, you might be a natural!!

  3. Go to the drive in- these can be trickier and tricker to find, but pack up some great movie snacks, and go back to your childhood with a great drive in movie. There’s no better way to kick start or spice up a relationship than channeling your inner child

  4. Stargaze on a clear night- So this one can be tricky to do if you live in a big city, but taking the train or a zipcar on an adventure outside of the city to find a place to stargaze can be incredibly romantic!

  5. Go to a farm and pick berries to make a homemade dessert- In the spirit of getting out of the city, take that train or zipcar to a close by farm. You may not think that picking berries at a farm would be romantic but having time to disconnect from technology and work together on a task can be a great way to reconnect!

  6. Take a cooking class together- spice up your love life by spicing up your cooking skills! After the class make the recipes you learned together and have a romantic dinner!

  7. Go to the spa together- This one may not include the great outdoors but even during the warmer months it’s important to relax and rejuvenate. Escape the harsh summer sun one day and enjoy getting pampered together. Some spas even have lounges where you can stay and relax for as long as you would like!

  8. Rent a tiny house- I know, I know…this one might sound a little bizarre. But there are multiple new companies that have placed tiny houses surrounding major cities so it’s easy to pack up and have a weekend getaway in the woods! Everything is ready to go for you and can definitely be a great alternative to camping.

  9. Catch fireflies together- we’re going back to the childhood theme again. There’s something really simple and romantic about catching fireflies on a beautiful spring and summer night.