5 Signs It Might Be Time To Work With A Matchmaker

Work is killing you

You’re busting your butt until you finally get that promotion you’ve got your heart set on. You’re usually en route to the office as the sun is coming up and ordering Seamless to your desk for dinner, so your only contact with the outside world is while waiting for an Uber to take you home to bed. Long nights and weekend shifts mean the only people you ever see are your coworkers. Thanks to business trips you’re stacking up frequent flyer miles but find yourself at the airport nearly once a week and sleeping in hotel beds more often than your own.

You’re sick of wasting ‘you’ time

Last Friday you missed that long overdue dinner with college friends for a first date only to find out he lives with his mom and is unemployed. The previous Friday you dragged yourself to a friend’s happy hour hoping to meet new people and ended up seventh-wheeling. It’s finally Friday again but you refuse to waste another one so you ditch all plans, pour one (or three) glasses of wine, and collapse into the couch to catch up on the latest episodes of This is Us.

Online dating is the worst

If you had a nickel for every time you receive a “hey” or creepy message on an app you could retire tomorrow. You’re debating adding Online Dater as a full time position to your resume. You feel like Nancy Drew analyzing profile after profile- there’s four guys in every photo and once you somehow figure out which one he is you realize you still have no idea what he looks like without sunglasses or a hat. When at last you’ve matched with a guy who seems amazing, you message back and forth for a week until for some reason that you’re too exhausted to overthink, the conversation fizzles and you never meet. Sigh.

You could write a book on bad first dates

His profile says he’s 35 but by the looks of him across the table he’s at least 42. His reported height of 5’11 has shrunk 6 inches in person and you’re pretty sure all his photos were circa 2008. 20 minutes into the date he’s going on and on about how he hates dogs and now all you’re thinking about is how badly you want to teleport home and snuggle with yours. After one drink you muster up the first excuse you can think of and dart out of there as fast as you can. Another night wasted.

The dating scene is impossible to navigate

You’re constantly looking for that second opinion and giving your best friends the play by play of the new guy you’re talking to: “What should I wear tonight, this or this? How do I respond to his last text? Is it weird that he didn’t pay for dinner and it was only the third date?” Or maybe you met for drinks last Saturday and a week later you’re obsessing over why he hasn’t called or texted. You keep replaying the date over and over in your head trying to figure out where it went wrong. You had fun..didn’t he!?

Hiring a Three Day Rule Matchmaker is the perfect way for amazing and accomplished professionals to outsource their dating lives. We understand that a lot of people don’t have the bandwidth to spend hours online swiping and trying to vet quality matches, so we do it for them. We minimize the time wasted on bad first dates by meeting every potential match in person, so we know whether he looks like his photos or she acts like she says she does.  We also recognize it can be hard to venture outside of existing social and professional circles, so by going to happy hours and networking events, TDR matchmakers find quality matches for our clients that they may never have run into on their own.

Dating in a big city these days is tough, so we provide clients with immediate date feedback so there’s no need to waste time wondering how the night went or worrying about what a match thought! Check out www.threedayrule.com and let us do the work for you!