I'm Too Focused On My Career

100-hour weeks are standard and all-nighters are secretly a badge of honor for you, but it’s all worth it, right? You’re a rising star, a go-getter and fiercely ambitious.  Maybe you’re on the partner track at a prestigious law firm, an entrepreneur building your own business, or a consultant racking up more miles and Starwood points than you can keep track of.

You tell yourself that if you want to win in life, you need to stay laser-focused on your career goals.  Some sacrifices must be made and right now, it’s your dating life.  Between the work and the travel and the late nights out with your friends, you just don’t have time. Your crazy schedule has resulted in countless last-minute cancelled dates and you’ve become a repeat offender of ghosting (i.e., suddenly falling off the radar of the person you’ve been seeing for a month or two).  Dating right now is a distraction, you reason. You wouldn’t mind a relationship, but between the time, energy, and number of bad first dates it takes to find a high-quality match, the ROI of dating appears to be negative.  

But, once you’ve finally sold your company for millions or attained that coveted promotion, who will you take on that vacation to Mauritius you’ve been dreaming of?  If your business fails (God forbid), who will you turn to for emotional support? When push comes to shove, do you really want to postpone your personal needs for professional glory? The truth is that you’ve been so focused on your career that you’ve forgotten about the most important goal of all: finding someone to share it with.

So, instead of putting it off or making excuses, why not approach dating with the same rigor that you approach your career? Have a game plan mapped out that helps you be smarter about the way you date. Outsourcing your love life to a professional matchmaker is a great strategy to help you find the ideal partner.  Working with a TDR matchmaker is basically like having a wing woman who is looking out for you 24/7.  She’ll do all the dirty, time-consuming work for you - the initial approach and assessment, the pitch, and the close.  Once she finds a match that fits your criteria and is excited to meet you, all you have to do is say “yes”.  A Three Day Rule matchmaker will help you focus on your personal life and find you the kind of person that rocks your world, while also passing your mom’s approval test.