6 Best Places To Pick Up Women In NYC

It’s ironic that in a congested place like New York City, people can wind up feeling totally isolated. It’s hard to find a shop or a street that isn’t filled with bodies, yet many single New Yorkers find that it’s difficult to meet new people. Men find that the classic approach to meeting women, (i.e. the bar scene) grows old fast and proves futile. So, where can you meet great women in New York? Below you will find some not-so-typical tactics to help you find the best single ladies in NYC:

1) Coffee shops
Coffee is a huge part of NYC culture and an amazing way to meet women during the day. You’ll find that coffee shops in the city are often more crowded than public transportation! Attractive, intelligent women tend to congregate at coffee shops. They’re there catching up with friends, fueling up in between errands, and escaping their apartments to get work done. However, if she is frantically typing away on her laptop or surrounded by pages of scattered paper, she might be in the middle of an important project or on a deadline so use your best judgment before approaching! Try Stumptown near Flatiron. It has a speakeasy vibe and once you have your cup of coffee, you can enjoy the dark, cozy ambiance of the Ace lobby.  Another great spot is Café Grumpy in Chelsea. It’s cozy and spacious, has plenty of tables, and even an outdoor garden, making it a go-to for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to get work done during the day!

2) An educational class or workshop
Your college days may be far behind you, but remember, education is a lifelong journey (and an amazing way to meet women!) Whether it be a writing workshop or a glassblowing class, you’ll find women who share your interests and are looking to try new things, expand their minds, and sharpen their skills. Sounds like the type of girl you’ve been searching for? Try Gotham Writer’s workshops. They offer a wide variety of writing classes (i.e., screenplay, creative, business, comedy) that range from every beginner level to expert. If you want to go in a different direction and try a dance class, salsa lessons are an amazing way to not only meet a woman, but partner up with one and learn some new moves. The Eddie Tores Latin Dance Studio in Midtown West has the best priced classes in NYC!

3) Your apartment building
You’ve spent numerous hours strategizing what museums, bars, and restaurants to hit up  next in search of where the eligible women are. But what about your own apartment building? We’re in New York City, which means there are hundreds of single people in your complex or on your block, so why not start at home? Look up from your cell phone as you ride the elevator and notice whose around you. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your neighbor or the cute girl in the lobby!

4) Art museums or galleries

If you complain about not meeting enough intelligent, cultured women, it might be time to give
Turtle Bay a rest and try out some exhibits or galleries around the city. Because museums and galleries are constantly trying to attract new patrons, you can easily find discounted tickets, live music, and free wine being served. Even if it’s not your usual scene, remember, if  you want different results, you’ve got to do something different! Head to the Upper West Side and visit the Museum of Natural History. This museum is huge and has three floors of pretty much everything you could imagine related to history -- animals, people, rocks, geography, agriculture etc.  Plus, every first Wednesday of the month in the SciCafe, they have free lectures on subjects like zoology and microbiology where scientists and non-scientists alike can learn something new while sipping on wine and beer!

5) Whole Foods

Your budget may not allow for routine trips to Whole Foods, but it’s worth it to go and peruse the crowd. Whether you’re walking up and down the aisles or sitting in the food court area, you’re sure to find a variety of attractive, eco-friendly, health conscious women.  Indeed, Whole Foods after 5 PM becomes a sea of yoga pants and messy buns. New Yorkers travel far and wide and wait on lines that extend out the door just to get whatever it is that Whole Foods is offering, so don’t underestimate your chances of meeting the women of your dreams here.

6) Bookstores

Specifically, Barnes and Noble, Strand, and Housingworks are all great options. This one goes hand in hand with museums and art galleries. Finding a woman who is an avid reader is a gold mine. There are a ton of opportunities to strike up a conversation, whether you both find yourself in the cookbook section or perhaps by highly recommending the book she has in her hand. Housingworks' mission is to end homelessness and AIDS so you’ll most likely find a woman here who cares about social causes. Intelligent and socially aware? Check!

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