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Single? Taken? Creative Ways To Spend Valentine's Day In NYC, No Matter Your Status

Another year, another love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day is upon us. When we were kids, February 14th was all-inclusive; it mean...

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15 Unique Activity Dates In New York City

As a matchmaker, I’m constantly receiving post-date feedback both from my clients as well as their matches. One of the most common compla...

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The Top 3 Things A Guy Can Do To Win Her Over

"What can I do to get her to like me??" This is a common question that I've heard more than frequently from my guy friends, clients, and ...

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6 Best Places To Pick Up Women In NYC

It’s ironic that in a congested place like New York City, people can wind up feeling totally isolated. It’s hard to find a shop or a stre...

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The Good Ones are Gone

As a matchmaker in New York - where there are over 1.5 million single people - I'm always surprised how many people have concluded that "...