Single? Taken? Creative Ways To Spend Valentine's Day In NYC, No Matter Your Status

Another year, another love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day is upon us. When we were kids, February 14th was all-inclusive; it meant copious amounts of candy hearts and exchanging generic cards with every person in the class - oh the joy! Today, it usually goes one of two ways: either filled with nervous butterflies, flowers, and chocolate, OR loneliness, the Notebook, and an entire box of Insomnia cookies. Valentine’s Day in the city either screams “I’m so in love!” or “I’m so alone!” but if it’s really just about love, why can’t we all enjoy it? Whether focusing on that New Year’s resolution of bringing more hygge  into your life, planning a Galentine’s day with the crew, or spending a steamy night with bae, check out below for ways to make Valentine’s Day great again in NYC:

If you’re spending V-day solo:

  1. Light a candle, turn up your favorite playlist and delve into the latest craze of stress relief with an adult coloring book

  2. Find your zen and head to MNDFL, a boutique meditation studio that offers classes for everyone

  3. “Treat yoself” and book a facial or massage at Massage Envy

  4. Break out the wine and popcorn and surrender to a movie night featuring your favorite rom coms

  5. Indulge in some retail therapy and buy yourself that piece you’ve been eyeing but been too guilty to splurge on

If you’re spending Vday with friends:

  1. Channel your inner Whitney or Beyonce and reserve a room at Sing Sing Karaoke

  2. Gather your OG crew and dance your hearts out (pun intended) at a 90's themed Vday party

  3. Snag tickets to On Your Feet and learn the romantic story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan in the upbeat Broadway musical that will literally have you on your feet

  4. Save money, throw on sweats, whip out Cards Against Humanity and host a game night

  5. Sign up for 305 Fitness  and experience NYC’s hottest dance cardio workout that feels more like a nightclub than a class

If you’re spending Vday as a couple:

  1. Avoid the restaurant rush and unwind together with a couples massage

  2. Enjoy a four-course meal, dancing, and amazing views of the city on a romantic Valentine's Day dinner cruise

  3. Put your brains to work and get started on a 1,000 piece jig saw puzzle together

  4. Soak up the last of winter and head to the ice skating rink at Bryant Park

  5. Indulge your curiosity and explore Babeland to see what one of NYC’s most accessible sex toy boutiques has to offer