Three Day Rule Is Bringing Love To Chicago!

We are so excited that Three Day Rule has officially launched in the Windy City and look forward to meeting all of you! To celebrate Three Day Rule’s Chicago launch, we wanted to share our:

Top 5 Reasons We Love Dating in Chicago

1) There’s nothing better than summertime in Chicago. Summertime is the most romantic time of the year in this city. Rooftop bars and outdoor cafes are filled to the brim with people on dates and singles looking to mingle and make new connections. One of our favorite summertime date spots is the Lakefront. Whether it’s taking a boat ride, playing beach volleyball, or watching fireworks over Navy Pier every Wed and Sat night, the location and variety of activities available in the area make it the perfect place for a first date.

2) It’s practically foodie heaven here. If you love exploring new restaurants or trying out new cuisines, there’s really no place like Chicago. While we’re famous for our deep dish pizza, hot dogs, and Chicago mix popcorn, there are always exciting new restaurants opening up every week. Some of our current favorites are Au Cheval, Baffo, Bottlefork, Dusek’s, Kinmont, and Fulton Market Kitchen.

3) The nightlife is always happening! If you like the bar scene, you’ve come to the right place. During just this past year alone, at least 65 new drinking establishments have opened up here in Chicago. Whether it’s hotel bars, cocktail lounges, restaurant bars, and even lounges in distilleries, this amazing city has something for everyone! If you’re not a big drinker, there are lots of other options to have fun. Improv at Second City, Ghost tours, Jazz lounges, karaoke bars, LalaPalooza, and of course the plethora of awesome sports teams (The Cubs, White Sox, Da Bears, and the Blackhawks) make for fun date spots.

4) The diversity in nightlife is only matched by the diversity of people and types of singles here. Yes, this wonderful city is filled with attractive, educated singles that graduated from top-notch schools. However, what we love even more about Chicago is that there is no ‘typical’ male or female – we have ultra sporty types, uber professionals, doctors, lawyers, athletes, chefs, teachers, artists… name your type and I’ll find you the ones that live here! There is something so refreshing and satisfying about living a diverse city because it ultimately means that there is someONE for everyone, including you.

5) Chivalry is NOT dead here. Yes, the men in this town are pretty much obsessed with sports, but they still know how to treat you like a lady. If a man misbehaves, someone’s mom will hear about it…and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 🙂 How’s that for quality control here?

If you want to learn more about Three Day Rule’s personalized matchmaking services or schedule a coffee chat with a Three Day Rule Matchmaker, please click here. We hope to meet you soon!