6 Things Guys Need To Immediately Stop Doing In Dating Profiles

As many of us have come to find, being an amazing man doesn’t always translate to having an amazing dating profile (and vice versa). Some of the most incredible people I’ve met have come to me to express their online dating troubles and lack of right swipes. Here are a few ways to improve upon common dating profile stereotypes in order to get you one step closer to that first date…

The Selfie Sam – I’m the Simon Cowell of dating apps. If more than a quarter of your pictures are selfies, “It’s a no from me.” That being said, I’ll give you a little wiggle room assuming the rest of the world has more tolerance. No more than half. I know you guys don’t always like taking pictures and aren’t usually found crouching down in bars with your bros to get that perfect group shot…. well you gon’ learn today! I’ll take a group photo, (as long as I can tell which one is you based on your other photos) over a series of serious mirror selfies any day. Say that 10 times fast…

The Fisherman– Is this still a thing? I’d like to think we’ve gone ironic with this one and if we have, you got me! Even if there is comedic intent, can we just make it stop? There’s a place for this photo… it just may not be in your dating profile. If you genuinely enjoy the sport, that’s great! But unless you’re like, Ray Scott and fishing is life – let’s agree to say no to the dead fish pics and discuss it along with your other hobbies over cocktails instead.

The Action Junky – Guys. We get it. You’re adventurous, AND WE LOVE IT! But we want more! Mix in some pictures and include some info in your bio that shows different sides of your personality. One of the most common things I hear from women and men is they desire someone who is well rounded.

The Man of Few Words – No bio- automatic left swipe. You couldn’t take two seconds?! How about the guy that says, “Message me to find out.” Um. It’s 2016. I don’t even answer the phone sometimes when I know who’s calling and you’re expecting me to walk into a conversation blind? Give us a little something to go off of!

The Con Artist– Walking through the bar, breeze in my hair, music playing softly as my date looks over to see me arrive. He stands up from his bar stool and suddenly the wind is taken out of my sails. He comes to about shoulder height on me. I’m 5’4 and actually NOT a heightist- short, tall – a great guy is a great guy! Problem is, I expected to arrive to a 6’6 ex- basketball stud. This guy managed to take photos next to the shortest adults in history in order to make himself appear taller. Guys, I don’t believe you should have to list your height in your profile (that’s just absurd and again, it’s not about the height!), but don’t pull this trickery- no one likes to feel duped. Same goes for 10 year old photos. Let’s keep it real.

The Perv- I really can’t believe I have to address this one. Unless your intent is to wind up screenshotted and in Tinder Nightmares, why would you ever intro with something sexual? It’s the equivalent to catcalling someone and expecting the reaction to be like, “Sure, let me hop into this nice man’s car that just whistled at me and told me I have nice legs. He seems like such a sweetheart.” Just. No.

I know. This seems like a lot. Welcome to online dating in 2016. When in doubt, be the very best (slightly edited), version of yourself. When in serious doubt, ask for a friend-that-is-a-girl to review your profile, and be clear that you want her HONEST opinion. Remember above all, don’t take yourself too seriously. This dating stuff is supposed to be fun!