When It's Time To Taking a Dating Cleanse...

Here in Los Angeles, the juice cleanse is ubiquitous. It is not remotely out of the ordinary to be out to lunch with a friend who says, “I’m not eating today – only green juice for me!” While I’m no health expert, this sounds like a horrible, horrible idea. Mostly because there is no bacon involved, but maybe that’s just me.

However, as a Three Day Rule Matchmaker, I sometimes do find it healthy to advise another type of cleanse – the dating cleanse. You might be a chronic dater, going on date after date after date, with no success. Maybe it’s become monotonous, and tedious, and you feel like you’re telling the same stories over and over again. Perhaps online dating has become exhausting and unfulfilling, and you’re just sick of it. If your fingers are starting to get arthritis from all of the swiping, or you’d rather spend the night washing your hair than going to another uneventful “networking” event in hopes of finding some good prospects, the solution is simple – do a cleanse.

Now, I’m not advocating stopping dating entirely – no good Matchmaker (or loved one, for that matter.) would do that! But, if you are truly feeling like you are close to this breaking point, I would recommend taking stock of your dating life and putting it on pause just for two weeks. Focus on the other aspects of your life, and spend that time determining what really matters. Delve deeper into your hobbies, rekindle an old friendship, spend more time with your girlfriends, or get after that home improvement project you’ve been meaning to tackle. Spending quality time with yourself and making room for self-introspection can often help you realize what is important to you. This time to yourself can also help you reflect on your past relationships and prioritize what you’re looking for in a partner. You’ll also have time to relax, take some of the pressure off, and feel optimistic and excited (not exhausted) at the thought of finding a quality match.

Once you return to the dating scene after your mini-vacay, you’ll come back with a refreshed, open mind, and who knows – you might even find the one as soon as you stop looking. When you’re ready to get back out there, the dating world will be right there waiting for you, exactly how you left it. And we’ll be here to help too.

So, try a cleanse that is actually healthy for you, and take two weeks off from dating. You won’t regret it.

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