Zoom Date Outfits: The Perfect Combination of Sexy, Cute, and Cozy

Welcome to 2020, where the hottest date spot is now on your couch in front of your laptop. If you’ve never gone on a Zoom date before (understandable), it can feel like a whole new ball game.

While not everyone is comfortable on camera, there’s one tried-and-true way to boost your confidence before a virtual date: being intentional with your outfit.

You probably have go-to date outfits that you gravitate to because they make you feel sexy or cute. Here’s the good news: on a virtual date, you can feel free to gravitate to cozy items too.

Above all, don’t forget that you are the star of the show. You’re on a date in order to (hopefully) make a connection. Grounding yourself with confidence will let the distractions of the virtual setting fall away. That’s my goal in providing these three “rules”: to give you tools to boost your confidence so you can be present in the moment. The outfit matters, but how it impacts your mood and your emotions is far more important!

So, without further ado, here are my three “rules” for what to wear on virtual dates:

Rule 1 - Wear something familiar.
In this case, cozy = familiar. Your date is much more interested in you than fashion trends. Rather than running to the store to invest in the latest fad, calm any pre-date anxiety you may have with an outfit that you know and love. You know the one - the outfit that makes you feel confident, energized, present, sexy, and so on.

Rule 2 - Start simple then add a cherry on top.
Especially for a Zoom date, feel free to keep the majority of the outfit comfy and simple - even jeans and a v-neck tee can work! Then add a little pizazz with an accessory. A colorful necklace, shiny earrings, or a scarf can pull an entire outfit together. Just don’t overdo it: as much as I love cherries, just one - ONE - cherry on top!

Rule 3 - Avoid large prints and patterns.
Laptop cameras have a hard time with high-contrast patterns like black and white. Unless it’s a micro-print, the camera might not know what to focus on and it can make the picture fuzzy. In addition, don’t forget that you don’t want to distract your date from having his/her eyes all on you! In general, it’s best to wear solid colors, preferably earth tones.

Bonus tips:

Make sure you set your date up for success by eliminating as many distractions from view as possible.

  • Background: In general, less is more. It’s better to sit in front of a blank wall than, say, a bookcase. You can be sure that your date will look around, so you might as well have them focus on you!

  • Camera placement: Lift your laptop or phone 4 to 5 inches so the camera is directly at eye-level. That way it won’t look like you’re looking down to your date.

Sexy + cute + cozy items:

Ladies: remember, you can build a great outfit with what you already have in your closet. But if you need a little online shopping retail therapy right now, here are some of my picks for pieces that play up the comfort factor:

  • Off-the-shoulder sweater or sweatshirt. A little shoulder and a whole lotta comfort: this is the perfect piece to show a little skin but stay cozy. Wear it with a lace bralette - a hybrid of a bra and a sports bra - for a sexier vibe.
  • Stretchy turtleneck. Even though it doesn’t show any skin, a tight turtleneck is a classic piece that shows your shape in silhouette.
  • Ribbed racerback dress. As relaxed as a cotton tank top, a simple cotton ribbed racerback dress is a little bit sporty, a little bit sexy, and a whole lot comfy.
  • Silk pajamas. Virtual sleepover! A silk pajama set is sophisticated, sexy, and a whole new take on datewear.

Happy virtual dating - you got this!