Modern Love Requires Modern Jewelry

When you know what you want, how do you go about getting it? Set some goals, make a plan, and probably ask for advice from people who’ve been there and done that. These days it’s easier than ever to find advisors for your career, love life, and personal style, but what about when it’s time to give a certain someone a very special ring? That’s where the jewelry experts at Gemist step in to help.

Walk into many brick-and-mortar jewelry stores today and you’ll have to brace yourself against outdated styles, jacked-up prices, and condescending salespeople. It’s a frustrating minefield to navigate, and for CEO and founder Madeline Fraser, it just wasn’t how she wanted to feel during what should be a fun and painless process. So as a successful entrepreneur with an eye for spotting gaps in the market, she started Gemist with the mission of modernizing the jewelry customization experience.

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There are two paths to finding the jewelry you want with Gemist, and both are equally enjoyable and tailored to fit your needs (style, budget, timeline): if you see one of the designs already on the site that you love, you can select your center stone type, carat weight, metal color, and finger size. You can preview your choice by getting a “Try-On” ring sent to you for two weeks, to make sure it’s the right one for you! The sample even comes with a measurement tool to help figure out exactly what size you need. When you know it’s perfect, complete the process by ordering the real deal and get excited for a very special delivery.

If you’ve searched high and low for the perfect piece and nothing has been quite right, enlist a Gemist expert and their On The Hunt service. A specialist will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect ring, providing advice and sourcing all diamonds and gemstones for you. You’ll benefit from the latest CAD software to show you photorealistic renders of the final piece for your approval, and in a few weeks your one-of-a-kind jewelry will be delivered to your door.

When you’re surrounded by stores and brands clamoring for your attention, it’s tough to be intentional about how you make a choice to expend both money and time. You know you want to really love the people and things around you, which means taking the time to think about your needs and work with experts who are ready and waiting to lend support and guide you to the best possible match.

You turn to the internet for so many important things in life - dating, house-hunting, taxes! - so it’s time to add engagement rings and wedding bands to the list. At Gemist, we’ve made it our mission to offer beautiful, high quality and sustainably-sourced custom jewelry that comes with an experience you’ll actually enjoy.

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