5 Ways To A Better You In 2015

Ah, the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Many of us make them, few actually keep them, and the smart ones make resolutions to stop making resolutions. But, the process of making (and keeping) resolutions doesn’t have to be so painful. The key to starting 2015 off on the right foot is to make resolutions that are manageable and realistic so you have the best chances of sticking to them.

If you are looking for ways to improve yourself in the New Year, below are five easy steps to get to a better you:

1) Set realistic fitness goals. Increasing your level of exercise is one of the top resolutions people make, which is why the gym is always the most crowded during the first week of January. But if you’re going from being sedentary to wanting to become a work-out queen, take it easy on yourself. Make manageable fitness goals that you can actually keep. Sure, it would be nice to run a marathon in 2015, but start with a more attainable goal. Try to go to the gym one more time than you usually do per week, or aim for a 5K to start with. Once you accomplish your initial fitness goals, you should then continue to challenge yourself with tougher goals.

2) Try new ways of finding love. Sure, we’ve all spent hours on Tinder or Match.com, and they can be great ways to meet that special someone. But don’t limit your search for love to just the Internet. Think about using a modern-day matchmaking service such as Three Day Rule. Working with a professional Matchmaker and adding a personalized touch to your dating life can lead to successful results. At Three Day Rule, we vet and personally meet with every match before introducing them to you.

3) Spend more time with your friends and family. If you’re like most of us, work seems to consume a good portion of your life, and very often friends and family take the back burner. In 2015, make more time to see people you care about. Schedule lunch dates during the week with friends that work close to you and initiate plans with friends you have lost touch with. Studies show that a better work-life balance actually results in increased productiveness at work, so ensure that you’re finding the right balance for you.

4) Go electronics-free from time to time. The average American spends 11 hours a day with electronic media, including watching TV, surfing the Internet, and playing on their smartphones. But there’s something nice about disconnecting from it all once in a while. Put down your device, pick up a book, exercise, or even just sit around and have a real conversation without any distraction. We all live very hyper-connected lives. Think about all the time you are wasting by refreshing your Facebook feed every 5 minutes. Try going device-free for a few hours a day each week and you’ll realize how much more time you have.

5) Make time to do the deed. The average person has sex twice a week if they’re married, a little less if they’re single, and a little more if they’re single but shacking up. Regardless of your relationship status, we all go through phases where we’re just not in the mood to have sex. Make sure you’re making the time for your partner, and don’t fall into patterns when sex becomes a chore.