8 Tips for Dating Photoshoots All Women Want To Know

Have you been wanting to spruce up those old dating photos? When working with Three Day Rule, we often like to set up a photo shoot, so you can put your best foot forward as we match you. So, how do you prepare for a photo shoot? Well, whether you’re working with us yet or not, here are a few pieces of advice for looking your best on camera:

  1. Eat Responsibly

We’re not sticklers about diets! We do think you should be wary of greasy, salty, or spicy foods the night before a photo shoot, because they can leave you looking dehydrated and wrinkly on camera. Drink plenty of water the night before, and eat foods that won’t make you feel bloated the next day. You know your body best, but avoid the pizza if possible!

  1. Get your hair done

You don’t have to pay to get your hair done, but if you’re going to get it done anyway, why not schedule it for the morning before your shoot? Having your hair done professionally might seem like a luxury, but there are plenty of services now, like Glamsquad or DryBar, that make it affordable and convenient. Besides, getting your hair done can make you feel refreshed and confident for the rest of the day. If you can’t get your hair done that day, prep your hair like you would be a big date that you’re excited about.

  1. Do Your Nails

Overly long nails can be off-putting, and dirty nails look unkempt, so we recommend either getting a manicure, or keeping your nails short with a clear coat of poish. You might think these details won’t come across in a photo shoot, but they really do.

  1. Get Your Brow Game On

Whether you wax, tweeze, thread, or fill in your brows, having well-defined and tended-to brows can make your whole face light up. If anything, be sure to brush up your brow hairs before the shoot, which can widen your eyes and make you look more awake. Just be sure not to overdo it - just because big brows are a trend doesn’t mean your future mate will know that!

  1. Keep your makeup natural and light

We often hear that men are looking for women who are “natural.” What most men don’t realize is that the “natural” look takes quite a bit of thought! We do recommend wearing makeup during the shoot, simply because you’ll look better on camera, but be sure not to overdo it. Too much makeup can be a turnoff, so keep the bright pink or dark red lipsticks for another time.

  1. Choose an outfit you love

The biggest question we get is about what to wear. We want you to feel confident and strong and beautiful, so let that be your first guide. But here are some guidelines we like to stick to:

Don’t go overly trendy. You want to make sure the look in your shoot isn’t so trendy that you don’t like it in two months.

Be wary of sleeveless shirts and dresses. We often hear women telling us they love their photos, but they hate how their arms look in them. If you aren’t super confident about your arms, or any other part of your body, why highlight them?

Highlight your favorite features. If you love your legs, maybe show a little leg. If you love your shoulders, show those.

Dress like you would on a first date. Not too provocative, not too matronly. Your clothes should look “flirty,” and should reflect your style. Don’t try to be preppy if you’re not usually preppy. Be yourself!  And remember that you’ll get back what you put out into the universe. If you dress sultrily, you’ll get responses from a certain type of men. And if you dress with flirty elegance, you’ll get back a very different type.

Don’t forget to pick out your shoes. When you don’t think about your shoes ahead of time, we can tell! Heels do tend to make you look taller and leaner, so we recommend them if you’re comfortable in them.
Accessorize, accessorize. Keep jewelry simple, but remember to wear a few key pieces that you love. Wearing jewelry can make you look more put together.

  1. Practice Posing

Want to look great on camera? We recommend practicing posing. There are few tips of the trade, like resting your weight on your back foot, or angling your body at 45 degrees from the camera, that can make you look like a pro. Ever wonder why you love that one photo of yourself so much? Chances are the angles were right, and your pose was spot on. You can even Google search “how to pose” for more tips. You’ll be a model in no time!

  1. Smile naturally

People can tell a fake smile when they see one. Even if you don’t love having your picture taken, try to think about things you do love - your pet, your good friends, your family, your passions. What makes you smile naturally? Try to think about those things, and your smile will look more realistic on camera. Most importantly, try to be present and enjoy the moment you’re in. Embrace that confidence, and your photos will turn out better than you could imagine.

And don’t forget that your matchmaker is always there for advice, even when it comes to taking dating photos. We’ve seen it all, and we know what really works.