I Got 99 Problems And My Dating Profile Is The Cause Of Most Of Them…

Just the mere mention of “online dating” brings with it a heavy sigh. Some people sigh with exhaustion while others sigh with hope. Think of all the possibilities that may come if you just put forth the time and effort…and ladies, I am talking to you! Don’t get me wrong, there is a multitude of things that men need to fix with their approach to online dating. However, this special message is for my girls…and we need to talk.

First of all, let's be honest, it's all about the pictures. So why would you have pictures that don’t actually show your face? We have all seen it, the half-face cropped artistic photo with a scenic background, the face that is covered with oversized glasses, or (my personal favorite) the one that shows how sporty and fun you are hiking or doing a fun yoga pose but you can’t actually see your face. Ladies, you are beautiful and you should flaunt it! Show your face, without obstacle, poor lighting, or blurry vision. With that said, we are also looking at pictures to have a better idea of how a person looks as a whole so you should at least post one full-length picture. It’s a respect thing, just like you would want to see what you are getting yourself into when you go out with him -- the feeling is mutual.

Which brings me to my next point: Your main profile picture should be of you and ONLY you. There is no reason to have multiple people confusing your main pic so guys have to play detective to figure out which one you are. KIS people – Keep It Simple!

Keeping It Simple goes with the information part of your profile too. When you see an essay or paragraphs on someone's profile, do you feel the need to take the time and read, analyze and decipher all there is about it – No. So why would the person reading your profile?

You do not need to give away your life story. Just a few tidbits about you are enough. That way, you can give a little taste but still have him intrigued, and then he wants to learn more. That’s the whole point anyway – to meet in person, on a real date.

So to recap:

Show your face -- not cropped, well-lit, and within a reasonable distance to actually decipher facial features
Provide a full-length picture as well. He will see you when you meet in person.
Your main profile picture should be of you and only you. The friends photo can be in the album just not the starring role.
No need to write a dissertation about yourself. Simple snapshots of who you are will be enough to get that special someone wanting to learn more.
OR, forget all of this advice and reach out to me! As an old school matchmaker, I take the game out of the websites and apps. I have all the same technology they do, but I personally meet with individuals to vet them and see if they have what it takes to be a match with you. Because you, my dear, are FABULOUS!