5 Ways To Keep Him Happy

  1. Give him space when he needs it

Most men are the complete opposite of women when it comes to space. Ladies, we know you most likely can be around your man 24/7, but that doesn’t mean that you should be. Make sure you are actively pursuing your own interests, making your own plans, and continuing to maintain a fulfilling life outside of your relationship. Give your guy space and the opportunity to go out without you to grab beers with his buddies, watch the big game, or just have some alone time to relax.  Allow him enough time to miss you so that when you do spend time together, it will feel more special. Once you are fully able to recognize that you both need personal space every so often, you will be a much happier couple when you are together.

  1. Do nice things for him

Guys might not always admit it, but they love it when we do nice things for them because it lets them know how much we care and appreciate them. Make him feel lucky to have you by surprising him with a massage, buying him something he really likes, cooking his favorite meal, or by simply complimenting him. Giving your guy a sincere compliment is a very easy way to keep him happy and make him feel special. Show love and affection often by giving your man a kiss, hug, or by telling him you love him for no reason.  Guys get satisfaction from knowing that they are able to fulfill their partner's needs.  Once he realizes how happy he is making you, he'll be an even better partner to you.

  1. Respect him

Respecting your man is one of the best ways to show you love him. Many women get too comfortable in their relationship and their harmless requests often come off as demands.   “You forgot to take out the trash; clean the gutters; empty the dishwasher; put your clothes in the laundry basket!” The list goes on and on.  Show respect for your guy by asking him nicely, rather than demanding things or sounding accusatory.   Try to focus on the things he does do right and thank him for it, instead of nagging him for forgetting to put down the toilet seat yet again. And, the next time he does remember to put down the toilet seat, compliment him.  He'll respond well to positive feedback and hopefully remember to keep the good habit up next time.

4. Communicate your issues  

As much as we'd love it, men cannot read our minds. If your guy asks you if something is wrong and you say “no", chances are he is going to think nothing is really wrong. The key to any healthy relationship is regular, open communication. Try being more direct and straightforward with him, instead of hoping he will read between the lines and guess how you feel. This will help you from keeping your emotions bottled up, and could potentially prevent the heated arguments that could happen when you have reached your limit. In turn, he will appreciate your openness and willingness to communicate honestly.  Your guy will be much more receptive to feedback if you openly tell him what's bothering you, instead of having to play defense during a disagreement.

5. Get it on more often

Sleeping with your man should not be a chore! When you start having less sex, you become emotionally disconnected from your partner. In order to meet both of your needs, talk openly and honestly about your feelings on the subject.  If you feel like you need to spice up your bedroom life, don't be afraid to share some of your fantasies or ideas for trying new things.  Remember, there are many benefits of being intimate: sex boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, combats anxiety and depression, helps you sleep better, and even counts as exercise! Try to be intimate on a consistent basis to foster intimacy.  Keep your relationship healthy and happy with just a little bit more lovin’.

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