6 Ways To Do You Before You Do Someone Else

Have you ever noticed how people who are genuinely happy with themselves tend to also be the ones in solid, successful relationships? Granted, we all get stuck in a rut once in a while, so sometimes it’s necessary to mix things up, change the pace, and do something out of the ordinary in order to feel good about ourselves again and generate some positive energy.  Thus, with Spring as our inspiration, we came up with 6 fun things you can do to freshen up your attitude and tighten up your dating game.

1) New do, new you

Get a haircut and try a new style you’ve never had before.  There’s something about changing your locks that can freshen up your whole look or make you look more young, edgy, vibrant, etc. Don’t be afraid to cut off inches, brighten things up with some highlights, or try out some extensions. Guys - grab a Men’s Health or GQ magazine and pick 1 or 2 things that you can subtly change to make a difference (e.g., go another level shorter on the side, or get the top some extra length).  Sometimes, the “Wow, I didn't even recognize you” line is a good thing.

2) Make that booty work

Ladies - try a Crossfit class. Not only are they loaded with attractive, fit guys, but they are sure to give you results unlike any other exercise.  Guys - I dare you to shake up your workout routine with yoga or a spinning class like Flywheel or Soul Cycle (it’s an absolute goldmine for hot single girls).  The endorphins you gain from exercise will also help you have a more positive and energetic outlook, which is one of those intangible qualities that everyone finds attractive.

3) Get sexy

Whether it’s a new perfume/cologne, a hot swimsuit, lingerie, a spray tan, Brazilian wax, or those skinny jeans you’ve had your eye on, treat yourself to something that will make you feel confident and sexy. There’s no shame in indulging in a little retail therapy to help boost your mood and make you stand out mentally and physically. Guys - try to leave the sweatpants/grunge look at home for a few weeks, and force yourself to try a new look.

4) Explore new talents

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something out-of-the-box, like signing up for an aerial yoga class, going to a shooting range, or trying out a pole dancing class. You never know who you might meet doing these new activities.  Perhaps you’ll pick up a fun new hobby, and at the very least you’ll have something edgy and interesting to talk about when you’re on a first date.   Guys - try a Paint Bar class or head to a museum solo.

5) Switch up your pick-me-up

Switch to iced coffee.  I mean, who doesn’t feel happier when the weather no longer warrants steaming hot drinks to stay warm?  And while you’re at it, take the earphones out of your ear and actually say hi or flirt with the cute guy/girl next to you in line.  Just do it… there’s nothing to lose! Tip for guys and girls: pick a boutique coffee shop you’ve never been to before and ask if he/she knows if that place has a good drink you need to try. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation.

6) Out with the old, in with the new

After a long winter of puffer coats, dark sweaters, and clunky boots (East coasters, you know what I mean), it’s time to do a little Spring-cleaning and revamp your wardrobe. Try embracing my 3-month rule, where you must throw away any article of clothing that wasn’t worn in the last 90 days - trust me, you won’t miss it! Try replacing the old stuff with some fresh summer pieces (perhaps some sassy wedges, a sundress, or some bright colored tops) that will make you feel good about yourself and more excited to get out and meet people.