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8 Tips for Dating Photoshoots All Women Want To Know

Have you been wanting to spruce up those old dating photos? When working with Three Day Rule, we often like to set up a photo shoot, so y...

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Dating Profile Photo 101 - Tips to Help You Look Your Best

Want to take better dating profile photos and don’t know where to start? We can help! While we work with an expert photographer for each ...

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6 Things Guys Need To Immediately Stop Doing In Dating Profiles

As many of us have come to find, being an amazing man doesn’t always translate to having an amazing dating profile (and vice versa). Some...

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7 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Dating Life

In a world full of dating advice, it can be hard to turn the often abstract tips into action.  Day-to-day I focus on meeting incredible s...

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Why We Should All Date Nice Guys

I spend every day talking with incredible, eligible women from all walks of life, and one thing is clear: we aren’t always interested in ...