6 Quick Tips For Scoring A Date During the Holidays

Gentlemen – the holiday season is in full swing, giving you ample opportunities to spice up your dating life. Here are 6 quick tips to help you score a date in December:

  1. When in doubt, go out! The holidays are the best time to meet someone. People are happy, festive, and more open to mixing and mingling. Best of all, people are out during more nights during the week than any other time of the year. Every holiday party you go to is a chance to meet someone new!

  2. Keep it classy. The holidays are a great time to wear that fancy cashmere sweater or rock that sport coat that has been collecting cobwebs in your closet. Jeans with a sport coat is a good look at even the most casual holiday bash. Women love men who clean up well so make the extra effort when you go out.

  3. Take advantage of romantic seasonal activities. During the holidays, you don’t need to treat her to an expensive dinner. Ultimately, women just want to feel like they’re being romanced and the holidays gives you plenty of opportunities to do this. So, take her ice skating and share hot chocolate afterwards, plan an outing see some Christmas lights, or have a glass of champagne in front of a fireplace. Check your local city guide for other budget-friendly, romantic holiday activities.

  4. Make a good first impression at holiday parties. **Go the extra mile and **greet your host with a small gift, like flowers, wine, or a bottle of scotch. Ladies in the room will take notice of your good manners when you enter the room with a thoughtful gift.

  5. Make a move. If you don’t know how to approach the girl you’ve had your eye on, grab two glasses of bubbly and offer one to her. Proven fact: no girl has ever said “no” to a glass of bubbles.

  6. Mistletoe comes in handy. If you bring a date to a holiday party, find a reason to stand under the mistletoe and give her a kiss. Or, if you’re having flirty conversation with a cute girl you just met, don’t be afraid to walk her over to the mistletoe. It gives you the perfect excuse to lean in and score some serious romance points.