Why Being Single During Wedding Season Rocks!

Summer is in full swing, which means the sun is finally shining and people are starting to flaunt their cute summer outfits. For singles, summertime is a period that is brimming with opportunity and promise, as there are plenty of occasions for outdoor day-drinking, frequenting beer gardens, going on beautiful hikes, exploring wine country, hosting boat parties, and hitting the beach.

Summer is also, of course, prime season for weddings. As a single lady with plenty of other, awesome single friends, I often hear complaints about being single during this time of year. There can be a lot of anxiety among us singletons as the thought of frantically finding a wedding date or (God forbid!) showing up by yourself takes hold. Lucky for me, I don’t feel this way at all. In fact, I actually love being single during wedding season. The beautiful thing about wedding season is that it avails plenty of opportunities to find love and be struck by cupid’s arrow! Here is my list of reasons why I happily embrace my "singlehood-ness" during wedding season.

1) *Queen of the Bachelorette Party * Let’s be real – when you’re attached, bachelorette parties just ain’t as fun. The sense of possibility of finding another intriguing bachelor party to hang with for the night; the harmless flirting and spontaneity that can occur (“After-party at your yacht with all of your other, adorable single friends? Why not?); the free-flowing bottles from male parties that want to treat the bride-to-be and all of her lucky friends — these things really aren’t an option when you’re attached or in a relationship. Half the fun happens during the pre-wedding festivities so as a singleton, we should all embrace this and take full advantage of our status! This is why, IMHO, bachelorette parties planned by a married or attached maid of honor usually ends up as a pleasant (but uneventful) girls’ weekend in Napa or spa trip to Palm Springs. Put a single bridesmaid as the bachelorette party planner and we’ll be sure to up the ante!

2) Use Wedding Dates as an Incentive. Whether it’s sending a follow-up text after the first date or approaching someone you find attractive at a party, Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers often advise our clients (both men and women) to take initiative because there is really nothing to lose. There’s nothing like a hard date set in stone for a friend’s wedding to establish a firm timeline for you to start making progress in your love life! As a goal-driven person, I find that having a wedding date (or several) already pre-determined for me is an incredibly strong incentive to step up my dating game with a simple end goal in mind – finding a date for my next wedding. Jack’s wedding is on Nov 1? Challenge accepted! That gives me 2 months to lock down a fun date for the wedding by then… Having a timeline in the horizon is a very fun way to give yourself the extra push that you need to seek out single’s events, try online dating, proactively ask your friends to set you up, or even have coffee with a matchmaker to learn more about whether personalized matchmaking might be a good fit for you.

3) Primp Yourself Out. Weddings are special occasions that give you a great excuse to dress up and experiment in the fashion department. Perhaps you’re too shy to rock eyelash extensions or wear bright red lipstick. Dressing up for a summer wedding is the perfect time to test out a new look and gauge reactions to determine whether you want to replicate this look at other events. Trying a new look can also help you catch the attention of other single cuties. If you spice up your outfit with a statement necklace or a bright, feather headband, chances are it can turn into a great conversation piece to help others break the ice and approach you by complimenting you on it. Cautionary note: This tip will only work when you’re not a member of the actual wedding party and can stray from the coordinated outfits and plethora of professional pictures that will otherwise memorialize your outfit at the wedding.

4) Make a Memorable Toast. If you’re a member of the wedding party and asked to give a toast, take the time to prepare a thoughtful, heartfelt piece. Not only is this proper wedding etiquette, but it can help you give off a great first impression. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an ill-prepared person ramble on and on because he/she didn’t take the time to think about what he/she would say. Making such a blunder gives off a poor first impression and could potentially thwart any attempts to attract all the single cuties who are listening to your speech.

5) Be THAT Girl…the One That Everyone Hopes is Still Single. At every wedding, there’s always that one person that all the single people have their eyes on and secretly hope is unattached and ready to mix and mingle. As a singleton, YOU can be that girl! All you have to do is be the best version of yourself, remember why you are an amazing catch, keep an open mind about anyone you encounter at the wedding, and allow your confidence to shine. There is nothing sexier and more eye-catching than someone who oozes confidence.

Happy Summer Lovin’! xoxo