Why Singles in NYC Are Lucky

Hi All! I’m Robyn Swider one Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers in NYC.

One of the biggest complaints I find from singles living in this city is that the scene is “terrible” or leaves something to be desired because people don’t seem to want to commit or there is a pervading “always looking to upgrade” mentality. Call me an optimist, but I actually believe that being single in this city can be a fabulous experience…if you approach it the right way. Here are my thoughts on why all singles in NYC should rejoice (and embrace!) their "singlehood-ness".

1) The City Helps You Make Time for Dating. We know, New Yorkers are busy. We have long hours at work and more social obligations than we have time for. Luckily, restaurants, bars, and attractions in this city seem to ALWAYS be open, providing no excuse for passing up a quick first date. Night owls will appreciate late-night dessert spots, perfect for sharing a slice of cake over a glass or two of wine. It’s also not uncommon to see a pair meeting for a low-pressure first date over a cup of coffee at 8 am before heading to the office. In the city that never sleeps, everyone can make time for dating when they’re ready.

2) There is No “Type” of New Yorker. New York is one place where you can truly say there is someone for everyone. People move to this city from around the world, each bringing a unique culture, style, and worldly perspective. New Yorkers are techies, fashionistas, Wall Street bankers, restauranteurs, advertising gurus, lawyers, comedians, models, doctors… you name it, New York’s got it. No matter where you fit into New York’s diverse landscape, you can be sure that someone out there shares your passions, interests, or sense of humor.

3) There’s No Shortage of FREE Date Ideas. While no one can deny that New York is a pricey place to live, getting out there and dating does not need to be an expensive endeavor. In the summer months, there are free movies showing in Bryant Park every night of the week, which are perfect for a romantic picnic under the stars. And, what girl or guy wouldn’t want to get to know their date while strolling The Highline? Or, if you and your date are looking to experience some classic tourist action, go see the Statue of Liberty via a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Not only are these ideas much less expensive than your typical dinner date, but they tend to provide a better environment for actually getting to know each other. Plus, you’ll win bonus points for creativity and spontaneity.

4) There are Boundless Options for Romantic Weekend Getaways. After a few weeks or months of seeing someone, it’s nice to be able to take the next step and plan a weekend getaway. Luckily for New Yorkers, many destinations that feel removed from the city are actually only a train ride away. Popular spots include The Hamptons or the Jersey Shore for a sunny summer weekend at the beach. In the spring or the fall, you can head to Long Island’s South Fork to visit one of the area’s several dozen wineries, as well as side-of-the-road farm stands for fresh-picked produce. For a winter escape, ski resorts in the Poconos are also accessible from NYC via bus – and offer romantic bed and breakfasts for snuggling by the fire.

5) There are Always Opportunities to Meet New People. Whether it’s in the subway or at the local deli, New Yorkers are always meeting new people and continuing to expand their networks. New opportunities to make a romantic connection can happen every day (especially if you are proactive)! From my personal experience, more and more friends seem to be drawn to the allure of this amazing city, and have been uprooting their lives to move here; each of them has opened me up to their friend networks as well. I recommend tapping into your “friends of friends” whenever you can – chances are your friend from work has a college friend who’s new in town and may want to meet for a drink!

Speaking of connecting with new people, I love meeting new people (especially singles!) in this city. If you want to learn more about Three Day Rule’s personalized matchmaking services or schedule a free coffee chat with me, please click here. Can’t wait to meet you! 🙂