Our Favorite Date Spots in SF, By Neighborhood

Gentlemen of SF, wondering where you should be taking that lady you fancy on a first date?

The Three Day Rule team has compiled a list of our favorite date spots in SF, by hood. First date tip: when you’re offering to take her out, pick a neighborhood that’s convenient for her (i.e., close to where she works or where she lives). Always give her two options (a casual option and a fancier one). Giving her options shows that you’ve done your research and were thoughtful enough to plan ahead. She’ll also appreciate that you let her have the final say on where to meet.

Here are some of our recommendations, with a few tips to get you started:

Casual: Zeitgeist, 20 Spot, Etcetera Wine Bar, Abbott’s Cellar
Fancier: Lolinda (the rooftop bar has an excellent view of the city)

Casual: Marengo, The Brick Yard, Sabrosa
Fancier: Nectar (intimate, romantic ambiance) Bin 38 (great patio/outdoor area), Cellar Door

Casual: Alchemist, House of Shields
Fancier: Novela, Press Club, Dirty Habit (great outdoor patio), Local Edition (make a reservation for guaranteed seating), Hidden Vine

Russian Hill
Casual: Robber Baron, Harper and Rye (great for whiskey fans!)
Fancier: Amelie, Cafe Meuse (charming neighborhood wine bar)

Hayes Valley
Casual: Biergarten (German beer garden – need we say more?), Brass Tacks
Fancier: Noir Lounge (cozy wine bar playing old black and white films in the background)

What are your favorite SF date spots? Email us at support@threedayrule.com with your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!