What Should You Be Buying for Her This Holiday Season?

Ok guys, so you landed the girl in time for the holidays. Maybe she’s even making the trek home with you to meet your family. While nothing quite beats having a significant other during the festive holiday season, a holiday relationship does come with the added pressure of “gift-giving.”

We’ve know you’ve gotten advice from your best friend, and maybe even your Mom, as to what to get her for Christmas, but ask no further. Rather than making small talk with the sales associate at Nordstrom about what your gal does or doesn’t like, take our short quiz to find out exactly what you should be giving your special lady this holiday season.

Select the answer that most applies.


*1.) How long have you been dating? *

A.) 4+ years…I’m working on a ring

B.) 1-3 years… Our friends ask when we are moving in together

C.) 3 months – 1 Year…We are in the ‘honeymoon phase’

D.) Less than 3 months… It’s still new

2.) What are your holiday plans?

A.) We did dinner at her parents’ house last year, so we’ll do dinner at my parents’ house this year

B.) We might spend the holidays together, but nothing is set in stone

C.) We’ll do a gift exchange before we leave to go to our respective holiday destinations

D.) I doubt I’ll see her during the busy holiday season.

3.) How often do you two talk?

A.) All day, everyday.

B.) A few times a day

C.) Once a day or at least every other day

D.) Once a week

4.) How would you describe her to your friends?

A.)I’ve definitely called her “the one” when talking about her with friends and family

B.) I may roll my eyes once when telling my friends about her annoying quirks, but I’m pretty crazy about her

C.) The relationship is going well. I’m enjoying her company

D.) She’s cool

5.) In public, it’s clear that we:

A.) Have known each other forever. I don’t mind picking my nose in front of her.

B.) Are in a committed relationship. You’ll often find me stealing a kiss over dinner

C.) Are dating. I never miss a chance to hold her hand

D.) Are getting to know each other. We don’t really engage in PDA


Mostly A’s:

Sounds like you two are “serious” to say the least. Based on the state of your relationship, you should be on the look-out for a gift that demonstrates that you know her through-and-through and that you are fully committed to the relationship. If you aren’t planning to splurge on a ring just yet, we would recommend a nice piece of jewelry and a thoughtful card.

Mostly B’s:

Sounds like you are in a committed relationship with a potential future. While she may not be expecting a ring just yet, it would be wise to give a gift that indicates that you have every intention of moving forward in the relationship. We would recommend a planned vacation for the two of you. A quick weekend getaway with a well thought-out itinerary would be a safe bet.

Mostly C’s:

The relationship is still new, so there’s no need to break the bank. If you feel that this is a relationship that you would like to continue in, we’d recommend picking out a gift that is reflective of her interests (i.e. cookbooks for a culinary lover, new running shoes for a fitness guru or art supplies for a passionate artist.).

Mostly D’s:

This is still brand new territory, so you will want to “tread lightly” when it comes to gifting this year. A gift too elaborate or lavish may scare her off. Stick with a date-night in with a home cooked meal. Throw in flowers for a great finishing touch.