Tired of Dating? We'll Do It For You!

If you’re ready to start your dating journey, but looking for a little extra guidance and a more hands-on approach, Three Day Rule matchmaking could be a great option. In a nutshell, our clients love working with us because we pre-date for them, allowing them to save time and energy so they can focus on the fun parts of dating. By personally meeting and vetting every one of your potential matches, we do the upfront work (and ask the important, but sometimes uncomfortable questions that you don’t want to ask during a first date). By working with us, you can finally start to enjoy the process of dating again.

In four easy steps, here’s a quick breakdown of how we work:

Step 1: We meet and get to know you.

Our Matchmakers will truly get to know you and what you’re looking for in a match. When you meet with your Matchmaker over coffee, you’ll discuss your own interests, career and family, as well as traits and values you seek in a partner. When you leave this meet-and-greet, you’ll be confident that your Matchmaker knows you, who you’re looking for, and how to find him or her.

Step 2: We personally meet and vet all of your matches for you.

Now, your Matchmaker is on the search. They will tap into Three Day Rule’s growing database of 30,000 singles to find those who might be appropriate for you. Additionally, Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers are socializing in your city’s best events or in places where we might be likely to meet your match. The best part? Your Matchmaker is fearless! Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers will approach anyone, anywhere on our mission to find your best matches.

Step 3: If they pass our test, we introduce matches to you.

Before your Matchmaker will introduce you to any matches, they will meet them for coffee and ask those critical deal breaker questions face-to-face. Only when your Matchmaker is satisfied will they introduce you, one person at a time, to those who are compatible with you. This “pre-dating” process means you don’t waste your time with anyone who ends up being incompatible.

Step 4: After each date, we gather and share feedback to eliminate guesswork.

As your Matchmaker continues to make introductions, you’ll work closely together throughout the process. It’s important that you provide honest and constructive feedback. Both you and your Matchmaker will learn so much about your preferences based on the things you liked or didn’t like about a match, and our search will evolve.

If you’re ready to take the first step, set up a coffee meeting with one of Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers in your city today. A Matchmaker will be in touch soon!

Note: portions of this article were originally posted on Match’s blog.