5 Ways To Get Your Spring Fever On

Earlier this winter, we wrote about cuffing season, which is that time of year when everyone you know couples up, snuggles in the front of the fire, and holes up inside to keep warm. Cuffing season can be a bit...boring. Well, cuffing season is officially over. March is here and spring has sprung. Un-cuffing season is what's hot right now.

Everyone knows that spring is when dating picks back up again – it’s just science. From tulips to rabbits, there’s no better symbol of rebirth than a commitment to get back out there and re-focus on your love life. How does one go about that? Here are a few dating tips to ensure you’re starting off spring right:

Refresh those profiles: You have profiles on Bumble, OkCupid, and eHarmony, right? But when was the last time you looked at them? Update those photos, add in your new favorite books, and make it actually look like you have your head in the game.

Buy a great outfit: Spring clothes are the best. You never know what the weather is going to be like in March (yes, even you Californians), so layers are the way to go. Do yourself a favor and buy something spiffy - dressing the part and feeling good about yourself will make all the difference.

Go outside and play: Where’s a great place to meet quality singles? On the softball diamond. Or on the kickball field. Or on a hike. The good weather is the perfect excuse to step up your meeting new people game. Just don’t forget to smile when you make that perfect catch.

Be festive: Some of the best music festivals of the year are coming up, and they can be a wonderful place to meet people with similar tastes. Embrace your inner love child and take a bohemian approach to meeting your match.

Organize an outing. You might think you know everyone in your tightknit group of friends, but we promise, you’re closer than you think to that right guy or girl. Ask your single friends to bring someone you don’t know, and organize a group activity or trip. Camping? Theme park? Jazz festival? Pick something that will be appealing to both sexes, and specifically ask everyone to invite someone new. Sparks will fly, and you get to play matchmaker too.

And if you’re ready to take the next steps in meeting someone, why not try something new and meet with a matchmaker? Sign up and request a meeting – it’s free, and now that it’s springtime, you really have nothing to lose but your winter chill.