Brand New S.O.? Valentine's Day Gifts For A New Relationship

Getting your new S.O. a gift for Valentine’s Day can be tricky business.

Picture’ve been together less than a month, but things are going well, and you want to acknowledge the holiday and the time you’ve spent together without coming on too strong. When you’ve just recently started seeing each other exclusively the Valentine’s gift is meant to signify:

“I like where we’re at right now, I’m looking forward to where things seem to be headed, and I want to show you that you’re special to me but I realize we’re still getting to know each other.”

So how do you shop for a new S.O. this Valentine's Day?

The New Beau Gift Don'ts:

Things are still new! Steer clear of any gifts that are any/all of the three following criteria:

  • too costly,
  • too presumptuous, or
  • too NC-17.

Put some thought into it, but don’t go over the top. This is not the time for expensive clothing, a luxury watch or high-end jewelry, or even a trip. Instead think of this general rule of thumb when it comes to early-stage-relationship gift giving:

Put enough thought into the gift that you are going one step past “it’s the thought that counts."

You’ve spent enough time together to be able to recognize one or two serious interests, hobbies, guilty pleasures, or maybe even their Love Language. So while a gift doesn’t need to be excessive to show you care, it does need to communicate that you care in some capacity. Here are some the tips from the pros:

The First-Valentine's Gifts To Give:

14 gifts that will make your first Valentine’s Day together one to remember, and will lead the way to long-term love.

  1. For the S.O. that loves a special-delivery (AKA everyone): Goody. Goody is the easiest way to send gifts to the people you care about in your life (and you don't even have to leave the house)! Download the Goody app, select any gift, enter your S.O.'s digits, and pay. Your S.O. receives a text notifying them that something special is on it's way. They confirm their shipping address and then off the gift goes (and your payment isn't processed until they confirm their address)! Your S.O. is essentially feeling the love twice: once when they receive one of Goody's clever (and stylish) virtual cards via text, and then again when the gift arrives at their front door. You also get the credit of a cool, thoughtful, and unique gift...without ever having to put on pants.

  2. For the S.O. who is a cocktail lover: A bottle of their favorite libation. If they were sipping on an Old Fashioned during your first virtual date and mentioned that their palate has matured since the days of Fireball shots, chances are you’re working with a whiskey lover, and a bottle of the good stuff would be the ideal gift. No need to splurge on rare spirits for this V-Day gift (save that for your anniversary). Try a site like Drizly. Drizly not only makes selecting and sending a gift easy, you will find great resources like this blog about buying the best gift for your whiskey drinker.

  3. For the S.O. that’s always in the crowd: Ticket stub diary. If they're first to get stadium seats when their team is in town, if they've amassed quite the collection of live music ticket stubs, or if they never misses the latest exhibition at The Met...this gives your S.O. a place to finally store and admire everything they've done and seen. And because you know this special person loves doing and seeing new things, you can already have “tickets to X” in your back pocket as your next great gift idea!

  4. For the S.O. that keeps hinting at breakfast in bed: Breakfast sandwich maker. Has your Saturday morning tradition become grabbing two bacon-egg-and-cheese bagels to-go and strolling around Downtown with your coffee? Give it a DIY spin and make the breakfast sandwiches at home. If this S.O. is on track to become one of the most important people in your life, you want them to ace the most important meal of the day. Plus, you get to enjoy this gift too!

  5. For the S.O. who is an aspiring chef: Cookbook with ingredients for one of the dishes. Welcome to your built-in Valentine’s Day date night! Gift your S.O. a cookbook by their favorite chef or for their favorite type of cuisine. Then wrap up the ingredients for one of the recipes inside along with it. Et voila! A thoughtful gift and fun activity you can do together that totally alleviates the need to make a dinner reservation and means you two can spend more quality one-on-one time.

  6. For the S.O. with a green thumb: Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden. Does your S.O. like to cook AND has a bit of a green thumb? Show you’ve paid attention to their interests while observing how well they takes care of the things they loves (wink). An indoor herb garden is great for small-space-dwellers, and you’re fueling their creative juices in both the garden and the kitchen!

  7. For the S.O. that loves a good pampering: Heated shaving cream dispenser. A simple gift that says, “I want even the mundane parts of your day to be enjoyable.” If he’s finally shaving regularly after months of rocking a quarantine beard or if she loves to relax in a bath after a long day on Zoom, this thoughtful gift pampers in a low-key way because you’re not in couples’ massage territory yet. Bonus points if your S.O. is also a gadget lover! Fun AND functional.

  8. For the S.O. that is a traditional romantic: Flowers. They are the safe and obvious choice if you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day together in any capacity. Bring a big bouquet of flowers or have them delivered directly. Seriously. Trust us. Can’t go wrong. (Bonus points: if know your S.O.'s favorite flowers go to your neighborhood florist to customize a bouquet - the flowers will be extra fresh and you'll be supporting a local business!)

  9. For the S.O. who loves deep-conversation: Conversation cards. In 52-card or 100-card decks. Maybe you've decided to socially-distance together and have run out of new questions or maybe you want to appeal to your S.O.'s desire to dive deeper into your feelings. No matter the reason, these cards help you to learn more about each other in fun and interesting way. Pro tip: there are so many of these conversation-starter decks on the market, ranging from the thought-provoking to the more X-rated, so if you’re hoping to further your intellectual connection with your S.O. err on the side of “getting to know you” rather than "getting naked."

  10. For the S.O. who is a casual nature lover: Picnic basket and blanket. Channel one of the best socially-distant date ideas that will still be great post-pandemic. A picnic is simple, sweet, fun, and romantic. Pack a basket with your S.O.'s favorite snacks and a romantic beverage. Don’t forget the comfy blanket to sit on: you can grab a blanket from home that is big enough to spend an afternoon lounging, or treat your S.O. to a blanket just for the occasion. A picnic is a date that takes minimal effort but provides maximum “This is so thoughtful!” impact. And with these gifts, you can plan for many more picnics to come.

  11. For the S.O. who is creative: Instant camera with film. If you want to make memories with someone you can make them cute AND memorable. Even if your V-Day date idea is simply a walk in the park, taking fun photos together - and of each other - as you stroll will elevate the date instantly to a special experience. Plus your S.O. can instantly hold the photos and have a tangible reminder of your romantic day (without having to scroll through their Camera Roll).

  12. For the S.O. that wants a grand-gesture: Customized Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. This gift combo is going to all but scream “I HAVE SERIOUS FEELINGS FOR YOU!” which may be exactly what you are looking for as you move from recently-boo'ed to getting-serious. For less than $10 you can have a personalized champagne label made (champs not included), reading anything from “You’re Really Hot” to “Our First Valentine’s Day 2021.” Combined with some decadent chocolate-covered strawberries (bonus points if you dip them yourself), you may have just won every Valentine’s Day for the next 50 years. What a way to kick things off!

  13. For the S.O. who keeps losing their AirPods: Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. Whether it's a Zoom meeting, a Facetime call, or just a quick jog around the block your S.O. will love the gesture of these affordable headphones that allow them to do everything they need to do on the go.

  14. For the S.O. who you want to stay cozy with: Comfy Robe. Nothing says, "My favorite activity is relaxing with you" more than a robes (and for those willing to go big - get matching robes for both of you.) For your first Valentine's Day, make sure your S.O. knows that (dressed-up or dressed-down) you are their ride-or-die, ready for whatever the future holds - be it marathoning Bridgerton or completing the Sunday Times' crossword.

So now you have some great gift ideas...and hopefully that special someone who will love them. However, if you've read through this blog and you're wondering how to get your very own S.O. - look no further! Three Day Rule's professional Matchmakers (yours truly included) can introduce you to some incredible matches that are compatible, successful, and worth putting together a picnic for. Meet with me today and let us find you your lifetime Valentine!